Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! Beginning January 19, 2015

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Astro – Week Sonnyscopes week beginning January 19 – 25, 2015

Hi Everyone ! Welcome back – to your Astro-Week Love Horoscopes Presented by.. The

This week.. we’ll have a nice beautiful New Moon kicking off projects and getting things moving along in “free-spirited”, visionary, humanitarian, and detached Aquarius. This means we’ll all be feeling insightful and rebellious. We won’t want to be tied down and we won’t like being told what to do. It’s a time when we’ll look to others for answers but we will make our own decisions. We’ll be leaning towards the unusual and eccentric. Group activities will be favored but the mood will be aloof. It’s a good week to expand your social network and to seek new answers.

On top of the general overview.. it’s a new moon and it should spark some interesting events. Expect a project that has been spinning its wheels to suddenly gain new life. Old relationships can be revitalized with an unusual spark.  All in all 2015 has begun and it’s now time to dig deeply and to create the world we want. It’s a good time to try new things without worrying about raising too many eyes.

Next.. ! The Pluto / Uranus Square is exact this week.. this means – sudden, unexpected, powerful change. It could indicate a major weather formation, or a sudden win fall/loss. This has the potential to be scary astro stuff but.. it’s also something we’ve already been through this a couple of times. But, every time it has also surprised, shocked, and generally changed the landscape for those who were caught out. Have a look and see where this falls in your personal chart and you might be surprised at the result.

Dear Aries

You finally feel like really getting out and joining the fun! About time. One of my old friends at the music school turned to me last week and said the most profound thing.. she said.. “why not Sonny.. friends make more friends”. Well, for an introverted Scorpio, that suddenly made a lot of sense. So Aries, this week as you chug along having fun in the social limelight, try not to be too subjective, or judgemental. The new friend that you meet might lead you to your dream love. And the way karma works, who knows what kind of blessing you’ll be to your new friends. Just saying.. get out and say hello. While you’re at it, try not to fight with your past. The Pluto/Uranus square lands in your career sector. So.. a change in your career will have an unexpected impact on your identity.

Dear Taurus

Problems from a distance have the power to disrupt your peace of mind this week.  Another way to look at it is.. unexpected developments with people from your past have the power to really change the way you look at things. The big picture will get a shake up. So.. keep a close eye on everyone’s health. Double check the books, and double knot your shoe laces. It’s not going to be that bad, and you already know that I worry so.. don’t over sweat things. Just be careful. You’re spending a lot of time socializing these days so keep your eyes open. Someone might turn out to be the person you were dreaming for.

Dear Gemini

Wow.. I’m cool with everything but if someone is holding a grudge against you or you rub someone the wrong way this week.. watch out! Someone or an event within a larger group or your extended social network is going to spark a fire that will affect you financially. Maybe it’s something you say, or do, or imply. I’m not sure but you might have already had a run-in with this person in the past. So now that you know, the question comes up.. how do you avoid the mess..? Just stay honest to your feelings in the moment and be true to yourself. If you’re underhanded it’ll come back and get you. If you’re sincere it’ll all wash over.

Dear Cancer

This is interesting.. something unexpected in your career  will transform your current relationship. It’s a conflict or an opportunity that you’ve considered before. This time it has a chance to finally happen. Maybe in the past you’ve wondered if you should take a job at the expense of a relationship or perhaps you gave up on a career because of someone at home. Now’s your chance to put it all together and achieve your personal balance. Love has moved on and it’s money time again. Efforts are being put into a new hobby and distant shores are definitely calling.

Dear Leo

I like to write nice things about Leos.. they’re some of the coolest people I know! This week.. your hot streak continues as luck shines your way. I’d buy a lottery ticket this week and every week for the next couple of months. Jupiter is making you larger than life and attracting general good luck in your direction. The hardships may not be entirely over but you’re going to continue to keep catching breaks when you need them. Efforts are being rewarded so keep up the good work. This means to keep pushing your joint projects and you’ll have success. Ps.. you’re also lucky in love this week!

Dear Virgo

You’re still in the love cycle and active energy is getting serious in the area of relationships. Why work so hard Virgo?  Your rewards in love are arriving shortly. Rather than rock the boat , do something nice for your dearest. And.. for those looking for love – it might be closer than you think. Love is waiting somewhere you visit everyday.. and this means you have a chance with a friends you’ve had your eye on.

Dear Libra

There a lot happening this week. First, watch your health. Second, weird relationship things again. Third, communication problems begin.  But love.. it’s frisky and fun. What can you do? Get out, be beautiful, and have some fun!

Dear Scorpio

It’s time to get serious about money. Close the pocket book and begin taking accounts. Creating some good habits now will save you this summer. Watch for a sudden change in your routine and watch your health as well. Get to the gym or go to yoga. You’re going to want to be in shape when love comes calling shortly.

Dear Sagittarius

A sudden and unexpected flirtation could turn serious. So.. keep your eyes open. Love will arrive though a conversation. Problems are creeping up around the home. A family member could be a source of financial transformation (seriously.. Sonny?). Ok.. something unexpected, that you’ve been through before. It involves a creative project or children. (it’s late.. my powers are fading…)

Dear Capricorn

There’s a small business or new idea that you’d like to get off the ground and you’re putting in a bunch of extra oomph! Rewards are following hard work so keep pressing even if you’re faced with adversity. Money is Still flowing so keep that open but the new business could also be fun.   Problems with a parental figure could change things for a while. It might be a lot to go through but after this week it’ll all be settled. Good luck.

Dear Aquarius

Watch your words! Something you say could accidently upset the balance out of your favor. Having said that.. It’s a great time for Aquarius. There are new beginnings, money is flowing, and you feel vibrant and radiant. Restrictions are being placed on your social network and you won’t be getting out as much as you’d like. It’s not exactly a go it alone time but rather.. you’re just not going to have as much free time to visit and socialize. But.. you should be making a bunch of money.

Dearest Pisces

There may be someone in your life that you’re not sure if you can trust. And as usual, they have an allure that you can’t seem to resist. It’s cute. Take this time and suss out your answers. Shortly, love will be shining on you and you’ll want the path to be clear. As for now.. watch your finances. Something sudden could disrupt your social schedule.

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