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Astro–Week Sonnyscopes! January 26 – February 1, 2015

by Sonny Rosati

Astro-Week January 26 – February 1, 2015

Hi Everyone ! Welcome back to your Astro-Week Horoscopes for the week of January 26 – February 1, 2015 – presented by The .

This week the moon will be in slow, steady, sexy, and stubborn.. Taurus. Did you know.. of all things, this earth sign likes music? And why not? Taurus rules the throat (but not necessarily the voice) and they like to sing.. they also like to touch beautiful things like musical instruments with their hands. Makes sense – astrologically anyways. (Sonny.. get with the program – Universe) – ok.. the Moon in Taurus means we’ll all be feeling peaceful, nurturing, and generally calm. It’s a good time to focus on work and growing your future. We’ll want to take part in luxuries and indulge. So.. watch the sweets. Taurus energy is also physical so if you want to get to the gym then you’ll probably have an amazing workout.

Towards the end of the week we’ll have the Pluto/Uranus square and that will bring sudden and unexpected change.

Wishing everyone the best of a beautiful week

– S

Dear Aries

This week you might finally take that leap that you’ve been thinking about. For some it’ll be a physical change like a tattoo or piercing, and for others it’ll be more subtle but you’ll change how you appear to others. If I were you, I wouldn’t think twice about it.. just do what you have to do to express the best you. Health problems will come to a head. Let’s hope it’s all for the best.

Dear Taurus

Your change is coming in the astro-12th house which is murky at best. It represents your past, your mental health, your psychic intuition, how you help others, your dreams, and your subconscious. An intuition or situation from last summer returns. Perhaps an old lover is set to return or you find yourself with added responsibilities of taking care of someone again. It’ll be an adjustment but with a little effort you can make it work.

Dear Gemini

I want to optimistic here but.. more sudden change! Seriously? Something from last summer has the power to change your finances. Maybe someone you met.. think about it.. Reach out and reconnect. Work is becoming an obsession but it’s not time for a break. Be careful when in the public but you might not be able to avoid an encounter. You’re stressed but do your best. Right now you’re in the driver’s seat but your thinking is clouded. Write your pan down and stick to it.

Dear Cancer

Expect a change at work. Something that happened last summer get revisited so be careful. Love moves on to higher learning and exotic affairs! Say hello to a dark and mysterious lover. You never know where it will lead. You’re also feeling a pull to get out and explore the world. A new sense of freedom is calling and you’d like to explore what’s out there. Take a chance and make a call.

Dear Leo

Buy a lottery ticket.. ok now that that’s out of the way.. The change for you this week is going to be related to higher thinking, education, foreign places, people different from yourself, and the bigger picture. If it’s health related, once you get past this then you’re going to be ok. Love has moved on to joint ventures, sex, power, and behind the scene activities. It sounds kind of fun. Of course communication is still off and the unexpected arrives close to Friday week but you should still be able to make it a beautiful week for all of us.

Dear Virgo

This is the week you’ve been waiting for but don’t jump the sheets just yet. Late in the week a problem you had last summer comes to a final head. Be careful. Mercury is also retrograde and asking you to think about how you spend your days, where you work, your health, and how you help others. It’s a lot to think about especially as love is just about to knock on your front door. I’m rooting for you!

Dear Libra

Well we all know I think you’re our most beautiful sign.. and I fall so fast for Libras that it’s not even funny. But did you also know that I worry about you guys.. ?  Not being able to make a decision or going along with the team can get you hurt. The winds of change tend to push you about, before you can set your sails. Well beautiful..change is coming late this week – get ready.

Dear Scorpio

Ok it’s Saturday night and I’m sitting at home writing the horoscopes.. I’m in a good mood but like WT.. no.. seriously. I have to teach the kids in the morning – it’s cool. Without even looking, Moon in Taurus means feeling about relationships. Try and be cool when the conversation comes up. Keep asking yourself if it’s worth the effort. Because.. that effort could be used elsewhere. On the other hand, a little effort now could lead to something very lasting. It’s not your game or what they might think. It’s about what you want and who’s beautiful enough inside and out to help you get there.

Dear Sagittarius

Well the Moon in Taurus means you’re going to want to finish up some chores. (I know.. tnx sonny – but I’m just reading . give me break) After the chores are finished you’re going to want to settle in for some romance by Friday. So.. get to the gym! And work on your sexy. Having said all of that – the planets are encouraging you to have a look at your home and family. Parental figures become more import.

Dear Capricorn

You’ll be feeling frisky and creative this week. If you can, try and send some time with the kids. They’ll recharge your spirits and put you back into the mood to make some more money. Your daily pace has picked up and there will be delays. Keep cool through it all. You’ve just entered a cycle where your words will get you everything so.. speak up. Problems at home could be a game changer.

Dear Aquarius

A short trip late in the week could change everything. Heads up while driving. Jupiter is still in your astro-sector of one on one relationships so.. you are still very lucky in love. Next year it’ll switch signs and you’ll be lucky in sex and money ! But.. for now it’s time to see what’s out there and to find out who’s going to be lucky enough to spend some time with you. Venus is entering a money cycle for you so.. expect to finally get some of that moolah that people have been promising you.

Dearest Pisces

I personally think it’s cute when Pisces get pushy. It’s like being moved by a wave.. just splashing and getting wet – until you finally scream.. just do it! – it’s cute. This week you’re going to want to get things done. Mercury is retrograde so I’d expect some delays but don’t sweat it. Just do what you got to do and chip away at the big stuff. It’ll all eventually sort itself. It’s still a good time to hit the slopes or go to the gym. Love is following you so make sure you smile back.


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