Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! Beginning February 2, 2015

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Astro – Week Sonnyscopes week February 2 – 8,2015

Hi everyone ! welcome back to your astro-week sonnyscopes!!!!

Mercury is still retrograde and I’m having tech problems.. yup simple stuff like posting the astro is causing problems. So… Here are the ‘scopes that I wrote for the Kamloops Echo. We’ll be back to the regular Sonnyscopes shortly.

In the meantime..

Mercury is retrograde so.. communication problems and transportation delays – check.. There’s sudden and unexpected changes – check.. making up with friends and family – check.. – career recognition.. (four of my kids & four of Adrian trpt kids made the Honor Band – that’s 8! – that’s a lot.. we’re super proud!) – check.. – figure out a way to seduce that sexy Taurus – you wish Mercury Retrograde! Try again next week.

Sending love around the world

– S

Stargazer Horoscopes February 2 – February 8, 2015 – Kamloops

Dear Aries

You can definitely be a “go it alone” kind of sign but right now there’s a feeling of destiny in your relationships and it’s encouraging you to team up. Lean on your partner a bit when your energy begins to fade. They hold the second set of eyes that you’ve been hoping for.

Dear Taurus

The team is calling and you’re more than ready and willing to step out and play. Sure, communication is off, plans will have to be re-laid, and the love affair will have to be reexamined. But that means you’re going to meet some friends, plan for your future, and encounter a surprising love affair.

Dear Gemini

There’s a balance out there waiting. Somehow the attention required at home will even out all of the energy that’s calling on the career front. You won’t get everything but you’ll make peace with your day.

Dear Cancer

Your inner nerd is on overdrive but it’s looking to help you attract money. Look at the big picture and let the details sort themselves. Romance blossoms on a working holiday.

Dear Leo

Money is arriving though the team but make sure you don’t get lost in the mix. With the Moon in your sign to begin the week, you’ll be shining and ready for the unexpected. Be careful in business but love is strong.

Dear Virgo

Congratz on the new love. You set a plan and stuck to it. I’m proud of you. This love cycle, allow some flexibility in the plan and it just might last. An old friend leads to an unexpected windfall.

Dear Libra

Buy a lottery ticket. Luck is on your side and it’ll give you something to smile about if delays get you down. Networking and sharing dreams lead to a new financial plan.

Dear Scorpio

Let go of old grudges. This is your time for love and you don’t want to waste the energy. Along with love, recent financial efforts are beginning to pay off. Take note Scorpio. It’s good but.. only as good as the effort you put in.

Dear Sagittarius

The Moon has you thinking career and making a bigger name for yourself. Energy however is directed towards your home life. Helping a family member surprisingly solves both problems and opens the door for love.

Dear Capricorn

You’re going to want to reach for the books to help through a financial question. A little research goes a long way. Messages are mixed but your words are golden. Ask for clarity.

Dear Aquarius

Love and money fill your mood but keep the party small. A private adventure with someone close is all you need to see a new way. You might not be able to make your moves just yet but things begin to clear.

Dearest Pisces

You might want to buy a lottery ticket. No, you’re not especially lucky right now but you will have a sudden financial shift. You’re glowing and attracting. Dress to impress and wondering eyes will notice.

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