Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! Beginning February 9, 2015

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Astro–Week Sonnyscopes! February 9 – 15, 2015

by Sonny Rosati

Ok first things first.. this Mercury Retrograde sucks.. Aside of the astro which has been remarkable accurate.. everything I say or do is wrong. No video this weekend.. No gigs.. No dates.. I don’t even have enough loonies to finish the laundry but what the hell.. I started it anyways (Sonny.. give it up! – Universe)

But.. I did do something really good..

No not the Honor Band kids – that’s awesome parents and hard work. Anyways back to – Mercury Retrograde.. Did I hear of accidents… ! & family and friends who have passed away.. clerical errors – the whole trip – so.. carelessness receives a slap on the wrist – but as far as love is concerned – don’t give up.. it’s just a communication problem & it’s going to pass by mid-week. After that, we’ll all be revisiting the themes from  the last couple of weeks and begin cleaning up the mess. Some signs will begin to feel a sling-shot effect as recent decisions reveal a clear path towards your goals.

So.. as always – be your best and forgive quickly – it’s a week of transportation flubs and delays.. then it’ll all pass.

ok.. here you go – here are the ‘scopes from The Echo in Kamloops

Sending love & wishing everyone the best of a beautiful week

– S


Stargazer Horoscopes February 9 – 15, 2015 – Kamloops Echo

Dear Aries

Luck teams up with the unexpected and a boost in love is on the way. Buy a lottery ticket. When you revisit a creative venture you might decide it’s worth a risk. Luck is strong but energy is low. Yoga instead of weights and don’t push too hard.

Dear Taurus

The Moon is Scorpio is relationship time for Taurus and you’ll feel like revisiting some of the promises and missed communications of recent weeks. If you felt like giving up recently, don’t. Get out, be social and maybe invite that special someone out to join the group.

Dear Gemini

Thoughts are cloudy but work is a big concern. Revisit the ideas before you decide to move on. There’s a big opportunity for a career move. Take it. Rewards follow a challenge accepted.

Dear Cancer

It’s time to regain financial focus but you’re also feeling frisky! To top it off a hobby becomes serious with potential financial rewards. Do your research because this can get expensive but have fun.

Dear Leo

 Financial ventures may have gone sideways recently but you should try again. As thinking clears love returns to say hello. Unusual news arrives from afar.

Dear Virgo

Is it luck or is it fate or is there something even larger guiding us? All of your prayers aren’t going to be answered in one swoop but a cloud is going to lift and you’ll be one large step closer to where destiny is waiting for you.

Dear Libra

You may be thinking about love but attention is required for your health and your business. Start planning your success for the spring with a trip to the gym. You’re going to want to look your best when love comes calling next month.

Dear Scorpio

Close your eyes and go for it. Valentine’s Day or not, you’re lucky in love. This is double for business. Daily shakeups continue but you now have the strength to roll through. Chance is currently helping efforts.

Dear Sagittarius

You’ll have to undo a bit of the mess from the last couple of weeks but that’s no reason to spend Valentine’s Day alone. Invite a friend over and see where it goes. Love has a feeling of fate and finally draws a smile.

Dear Capricorn

You’ll want to get out and network. It’ll be fun to be social and pad the accounts at the same time. Home on the other hand is a different story with sudden matters calling you away from the fun. Love is waiting on an errand.

Dear Aquarius

It’s time to start thinking of you again. Money continues to be a concern but that’s no reason to fight this weekend. Recent confusions left a mark but you’ll discover a way to rebound.

Dearest Pisces

You’re looking better than you realize and those eyes really are pointed at you. Thoughts drift inwards and to the past but that’s no reason not to smile back. If they say hello, the rest is up to you.

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