Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! Beginning February 16, 2015



Hi everyone ! welcome back

I hope everyone is happy and healthy. Communications should now be back to normal and you can return to your usual state. I don’t know if it will be fun but you should recognize more of the same when you look around. This is where you now have to choice to diverge from the usual. Change has arrived and we all have an honest second chance to begin again.

– S

Stargazer February 16 – 22, 2015 – Kamloops

Dear Aries

You’ll feel a shift of energy this week giving you a second chance to take care of yourself. Monitor the efforts you’ve spent helping others. Old becomes new as you look inwards to recharge.

Dear Taurus

When Venus aligns with Mars in your astro-sector of getting out and having fun, fireworks finally find their way into your heart. You get that rare second chance to make a first impression to someone who can make a difference.

Dear Gemini

Recent setbacks clear and you have the green light for higher learning, distant travel, and exotic love. Put that energy and expansive outlook to use in your career and fortune will follow. Love is waiting at the office.

Dear Cancer

If only the world would just do what you tell it. Things would be so much easier. You’re not a nag. You just care. It’s time to get away and expand your view of things but before you go have a second look at that investment.

Dear Leo

Love might have been a bit up and down recently but this week you get to try again. Leave last week’s flubs in the past and start fresh. You deserve the best of a second beginning.

Dear Virgo

It’s the beginning of a new chapter of a close relationship. There’ll be bumps but give it a chance and focus on the positive. Unexpected money arrives with mixed emotions.

Dear Libra

It may not be life changing but there’s a new way that you’d like to run the business of your day that’s been problematic recently. Try again and you’ll see the efforts pay off quicker that you would have believed. Love is waiting at the gym.

Dear Scorpio

You’ll have a new beginning with a family member. Take it in stride. As for love.. get out and smile with confidence. You’re hotter than you realize. A creative venture is worth a gamble.

Dear Sagittarius

Things are about to get frisky but first home requires one last look. The mind is on new business and the running around of the day but luck arrives from a foreign source. Love can change your day in a heartbeat.

Dear Capricorn

It’s not just about making money this time. There’s a message that you’d also like to get across. Go ahead and be a little pushy. It’ll bring in the business whine spreading the word.

Dear Aquarius

Have another look at that recent financial problem. There might be another way. The group is letting you down but you’re actually quite strong on your own. You can do it.

Dearest Pisces

Clear up the past and you’ll emerge with a beautiful new smile. Your image is what’s selling so keep going to the gym and continue to impress. Money arrives in two weeks.

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