Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! Beginning February 23, 2015

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Astro-Week Feb 23 – March 1, 2015

Hi everyone Welcome back to your Astro-Week Sonnyscopes !

I guess everyone is still busy these days & over here it’s no different. I’m still teaching 7 days/weeks and writing the astro. I’m also moving again and trying to open a new teaching studio on the North Shore. On the downside.. there hasn’t been time for much fun. Then again.. there always seems to be time & space when you’re with the right people.. or falling in love – just saying.

There are still tech problems and they’re going to stay until after all of the moving and I can set up my office again. In the meantime I posted both our horoscopes and the Kamloop Echo ‘scopes as well.

Tnx for visiting & saying hi. If you have any questions please send me a message.

Sending love around the world

– S

This week the Moon will travel from steady, sexy, grounded Taurus, into quick thinking, flirty, and chatty Gemini. This means we’ll all begin the week feeling a little slow and routine.. then kick things into gear and things pick up. The end of the week will be busy!

Mars the planet of action has moved into Aries. This will put active energies into competitive outlets instead of muddying the waters in Pisces like it has for the last couple of weeks.

In love.. Venus has also shifted into Aries – and this means less dreaming and more action. It looks like we recently went through Mercury retrograde which mixed the lines of communication, then we went through its shadow where we had to revisit our flubs. Generally, decisions were made and now it’s time for action. This time, your heart and your feet are moving in the same direction so if you feel it’s right then go for it.

Sending love & wishing everyone a beautiful week


Dear Aries – Kamloops Echo

March is still the winter for most people but you’ve got spring fever! A boost in energy helps you shine and a bigger picture become clear. A little research finds doors that lead to money.

Dear Aries

It’s still winter for most but you’ve got spring in your step. You’ve been through an emotional spin lately to say the least. The past had its say and it’s time to move on. You have seen a way and you can make it work. Both Mars and Venus are in your sign encouraging you to be the action. This is exactly where you shine. March is a competitive month of tournaments and fun March Break adventures. Get out and be your best. If you have fun – everyone else will join in.

Dear Taurus

You’ve been a social dynamo lately with suitors calling from all over distant lands just to say hello. It’s time to take a break and recharge from all of the hustle. But.. love from the past comes calling. Last month you were lost in the sea of emotions that left you feeling uncertain and unstable – not what a good Taurus likes.. now that the energy has shifted into aggressive Aries – well.. pushy is not usually the best energy for Taurus love either but.. at lest it will give you a gentle nudge into the direction you’ve just been unable to take. Good luck.

 Dear Taurus – Kamloops Echo

It’s time to rest and recharge but love comes calling from the past. With the Moon in your sign it’s a good time to pamper yourself. Get to the spa and do your toes. You’ll be smiling on the inside.

Dear Gemini – Kamloops Echo

You’re entering a positive social cycle which is very Gemini and you’re going to have a good month but things start slow and you’re in a reflective mood. Take an emotional inventory and surprise yourself. You have the strength to say hello.

Dear Gemini

After all of that energy put into your career recently it’ll be nice to get out and reap the benefits of a job well done. As you’re out keep saying hello. There’s a good chance you’ll bump into someone who could be a game changer. Just keep your eyes open and have fun along the way. You could receive a surprise reward or recognition for your efforts recently. Be gracious. You have a strong team.

Dear Cancer

This is cute.. you’re beginning to see yourself in your new business venture. Something you’ve been studying and thinking of putting into a permanent part of your life is taking shape in the workplace. For those not thinking of starting out on your own, you’ll have your hands busy at work as well. Push hard this month and the rewards will come. Don’t worry about love it knows your busy. There a strong familiarity with something new and exotic.

Dear Cancer – Kamloops Echo

Looking at the bigger picture is paying off at the office. Bosses will take notice but for now, hard work is required. An exotic stranger says hello!

Dear Leo – Kamloops Echo

It’s almost time for Spring Break and you’re roaring to go! Remember.. things can get expensive so keep a close eye on the budget. It’s time for fun but not everyone is on board. Do what you can to help close a gap between close friends.

Dear Leo

Spring Break is almost here and you’re ready for an adventure. Rally the team and get out for some fun. Do what you can to make peace between friends and the day will be surprisingly brighter for everyone. Love arrives from a distance – so.. if you get a chance to travel or attend a workshop, take it!

Dear Virgo – Kamloops Echo

It may stutter a bit but the plan seems to be working. It’s now time for you and your closest to shine some light on each other and move forward together. A joint business proposal looks promising.

Dear Virgo

Love works in strange ways. And it doesn’t always bring what you’d expect. Take the good with the better and you’ll find a way to make it work. As for money.. believe it or nor not – this is a great time for a joint business to take off. So.. if you can make it work – go for it.

Dear Libra

I left you in time hoping one day your dreams would come true.. As a Cardinal signs, you’re naturally into new beginnings (I’m a stubborn Scorpio.. it’s why it never works – boooo) – ok we all just had a second chance to begin again. So what’s the deal? For you Libra – you’re getting a second chance in love. This means to have a very close look at your team and simply add any part that missing. You won’t even have to try that hard.

Dear Libra – Kamloops Echo

Love is calling and this time you’re ready. Sure you’d like a dream to sweep you off of your feet but remember to keep an eye on your own prize. This time settle for the best.

Dear Scorpio – Kamloops Echo

You’ve been enjoying your time alone lately but you have to get out and shine. The more you’re seen, the more chance you have of luck finding you. Remember, friends make more friends.

Dear Scorpio

Well.. I guess the time alone was fun but.. you have to get back to work. This week might begin slow and with the moon in Taurus – probably sexy and focusing on your relationships. If you have to let someone go then do it. The pace picks up considerably mid-week and like it or not.. your free time – which you didn’t have in the first place – is now over. Right now the name is speed so.. follow every yes, and just fly past every no. Think big picture and that Corvette you’ve been dreaming of could become a Bentley.

Dear Sagittarius

Some have been busy with family, and others have been hitting the books, but for all born under Sagittarius it’s time to play. (uuhhhh – Universe calling Sonny.. I hear you chill out I’m writing).. You’re entering a cycle where you’re creative, playful, affectionate.. and frisky! Children are going to play a larger role and love is going to appear from a creative outlet. Say hello with your smile and have fun. You deserve it.

 Dear Sagittarius – Kamloops Echo

It’s been busy and maybe you’ve even felt discouraged. This is all about to change as the shift in energy has you feeling playful, attractive, and frisky! Say hello with your smile.

Dearest Pisces

Thoughts might linger in the past or they might drag in a nostalgic introspection but the rest of your energy is recharged and ready for action. The Sun is filling you with birthday optimism and both Venus and Mars have moved into your astro-sector of comforts, security, and personal finances. This will all help you to step into the spotlight and generally get some traction that’s been eluding you. Dig in and let love lead the way.

Dearest Pisces – Kamloops Echo

You’re fully charged and ready to go! Attracting money is the new theme for the next month and you might want to jump into a new adventure but It’s time to begin saving pennies.

Dear Aquarius

That problem from the past just won’t go away. Sometimes it feels like.. if only you could write a big check and make it all go away. But these days I doubt even that would settle things. Keep pushing it all has to clear eventually. This brings us to money.. opportunities will present themselves to you this month. Keep your eyes open and be ready to move.

Dear Aquarius – Kamloops Echo

You’re entering a busy cycle of running around and meeting new people. Play the right cards and you’re in for a financial boost. Love is waiting on a short day trip.

Dear Capricorn – Kamloops Echo

Home is going to pull you away from the front for about a month but it’s not a time for rest. Family problems, renovations, and even a move are in store. Enlist the assistance of someone special to help with the planning.

Dear Capricorn

It seems quiet on the business front these days and that’s good because home is calling and you have to answer. A family dispute has the potential to get out of control at a time when you need everyone on the same page. Get it together! There’s a potential move or a general sprucing up of your current home. Ask for advice.

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