Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! Beginning March 2, 2015


Astro-Week March 2 – 8, 2015

Still a little busy unpacking but things are beginning to progress. No gigs but I found the cameras so our “Who’s Hot this Weekend” horoscopes should be back shortly. Once again theses are Stargazer ‘scopes that I write for The Echo Newspapers in Kamloops. – – if you love the ‘scopes plz let them know.

ok.. Jazz Camp Alert!!!

I’ll be running the Jazz Camps for the Kids @ Tom Lee this March Break. It’s three days in the morning – Mon, Wed, Fri with a performance on Friday. I’ll also be performing a special set with some of the teachers on Friday. The songs are easy and everyone is welcome. For more information please call your local Tom Lee Music Learning Center.

– S

Hi Everyone ! Welcome back to your Astro-Week horoscopes for the week of March 2 – 8, 2015.. presented by The !

Full Moon Alert ! secrets and the hidden will be revealed..

This week we have a Full Moon in detailed, sporty, brainy, likes to help others Virgo. This means we’ll all be looking at the details, we’ll want to encourage and support those close to us, and we’ll want to be tangible. We’ll want things to generally work out in a harmonious fashion but the details will drive some of you crazy. This means in your effort to help someone, you may become fixated on the details so much that you won’t see the good of the larger picture. But you will see the steps on how to improve – and you’ll probably make a “list”. List making is very Virgo. Anyways, as always, success depends on how you calibrate your reactions.

Both Mars and Venus are aggressive these days – so adjust your reactions. Both planets are adding confidence to love, money, and relationships. If you want something right now, you’re probably going to go for it. It doesn’t mean that you’re going to get it – but at least you tried. And trying – in the eyes of the universe will bring you one dream closer to your destiny.

Stargazer March 2 – 8, 2015 – Kamloops

Dear Aries

You’d like to be left alone to meditate but a burst of energy shortens your temper. As you’re reflecting remember to look after your health. Connecting mind and body will fatten your pocketbook and steer you away from needless drama.

Dear Taurus

Keep a pencil close to the bed. Unusual dreams bring peace to an inner conflict. Shortly, you’ll know which way to choose. Intense feelings of creativity and personal expression find a playful outlet.

Dear Gemini

You never know who you’re going to meet when you say hello to a stranger. Most of the time it doesn’t seem to matter and we discard the encounter. But sometimes.. it opens a hidden door. Remember to smile.

Dear Cancer

If you’ve been pushing the career then brace for the unexpected. Sometimes dream jobs really do just appear. You’ve been grinding it out lately waiting for some kind of bonus or at least finish line. If it doesn’t fall from the tree then reach up and grab it.

Dear Leo

Luck calls from a far away land. If you’re offered a trip then take it. A clear path is being formed in front of you. You just need to take the steps. Watch the pennies but take a chance.

Dear Virgo

You’re not going to be able to hide but then again you don’t have to anymore. You’re finally coming out of your cocoon and spreading your wings. A joint partnership suddenly catches a break so be prepared to move when the opportunity knocks.

Dear Libra

You’re probably used to partners being weird or lovers surprising you with strange reactions by now but this week they’re going to up the charm and get it right. Romantic gestures and maybe even a declaration are in store. Be quick to forgive and even quicker to say yes.

Dear Scorpio

This is a good time to pad the reputation in all things Scorpio. I wouldn’t waste my time with maybes when you have all of those yeses lining up. Don’t wait. Obstacles melt from your seductive stare.

Dear Sagittarius

You’re surrounded by so much creativity and love right now that all you want to do is get out and play. You deserve it but keep your cell close. The office is going to call with news on an old project. Have fun but also make some money on the way.

Dear Capricorn

It’s time to ground yourself again. Not physically, so you won’t be going to yoga but you will change your environment. Spruce things up and surround yourself with things that help you shine. Your inner ambition is reflected in someone close.

Dear Aquarius

A financial revelation could swing either way. Sudden conversations could lead to a short escape. Keep speaking. Accidental words lead to unexpected fortunes.

Dearest Pisces

Sometimes in relationships our hearts are more exposed than we intended. If it’s meant to be then the waters will suddenly clear. If not, there’ll be a storm. On the other side, you’ll know which way you’ll be most inspired.

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