Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! Beginning March 9, 2015

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Stargazer – March 9 – 15, 2015 – Kamloops

Dear Aries

It may not be your birthday yet but you’re not usually one to wait. Get out and begin your new year a little early by trying try on a couple of different looks. It’s going to be fun but attracting too much attention can raise a jealous eyebrow.

Dear Taurus

There’s a new love waiting for you if you’re ready to accept the challenge but the planets suggest that you’re currently in love with the past. Go ahead and be nostalgic. The special someone will understand. But you’re going to actually have to say the words to make them wait.

Dear Gemini

Push the career and try to keep that mouth in check. Being right doesn’t give anyone the right to mouth off. But, remember to also stick up for yourself. It’s going to be tricky and you’re going to have to think quickly.

Dear Cancer

You’re super frisky as the week begins but your career is pulling you away. Be careful how you present yourself because you’re making a splash and people are talking. Look your best.

Dear Leo

You’re craving freedom and adventure and like everyone you could use a vacation. If you can’t get away then take the kids out for some fun. From mid-week onwards it’s playtime.

Dear Virgo

Prepare to be busy as your week opens with errands, phone calls, and general getting down to business. Recent developments leave partners asking questions but the time for decisions has already past. Take a deep breath, build up that confidence and make that plan happen.

Dear Libra

Is it love/hate or is someone just in a mood? Things will smooth over and you’ll soon be thinking about making money and maybe babies together. Love has become serious and shortly you’ll want to make it known how you feel.

Dear Scorpio

Right now you are being seen as the most desirable catch in the sea of love but all of your energy is being put towards your day. You’re busy but you have to put it together and hit your stride. Deep breath, you’re also lucky. Buy a lottery ticket.

Dear Sagittarius

It’s time to recharge those emotional batteries with a little fun and adventure. Get out and play. It’ll do wonders for both your health and that special someone you’ve been trying to connect with.

Dear Capricorn

A social engagement calls and you’d like to answer the bell. Take a break from all of the home and family responsibilities and visit some friends. You’re going to need them when it’s time to move.

Dear Aquarius

Sometimes the sudden and unexpected turns out pretty good. Hidden opportunities continue to reveal themselves and you’re ready to strike. Be bold and make it happen.

Dearest Pisces

For better or worse some of your dreams do come true. When you wake it’s up to you to walk though your day and simply experience it as it happens. Right now you should be dreaming about money and attracting a surprise check in the mail.

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