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Stargazer Horoscopes March 23 – 29, 2015 – Kamloops

Dear Aries

Me Me Me! You’ve put out a lot of energy lately spinning your wheels in self promotion. But then again self promotion is the best promotion. As you enter into a money cycle it’s time to push your financial interests. So.. you mantra for the next month should be, “Me, Me.. & My money”

Dear Taurus

Give yourself a break in the game of love. It’s not supposed to be this stressful. Some decisions you can change and others will change for you. The best you can be is your most beautiful self. So smile in the mirror and you’ll be surprised at how easy love can really be.

Dear Gemini

Setbacks clear and you have the physical energy to get things in gear. Behind the scenes energy is drawing your attention and you should continue to cultivate the relationships as they develop into something special. In a month everyone will know what you’ve been up to.

Dear Cancer

Problems at work haven’t cleared yet but it’s a battle you can win. Friends keep calling and you’d love to get out and play. Part of you already knows a new love is waiting and “friends make more friends”. You just have to be in the right place at the right time for the magic to happen.

Dear Leo

You’d love to get out with friends, network and generally play but you’re feeling confined by an obligation or commitment. You’re going to have to finish your homework before you can play but the bosses are watching and it’s going to be worth it sooner than you think.

Dear Virgo

Family advice will have to be taken with a grain of salt but hidden support arrives when you least expect it. Love arrives in the form of the bigger picture. Step back and you’ll see things coming together.

Dear Libra

Those closest to you are in the spotlight and could use your smile. You’re heart will want to get away but work is calling. Mixing business with pleasure leads to a prize that’s more than just dollars. Look to the exotic for answers.

Dear Scorpio

For some reason you feel a need to hide in all of your chores but love is calling. You do have to balance this. So do your best to keep moving towards your goals but when love smiles be ready to say hello. This is your time for love.

Dear Sagittarius

You’re still super frisky but you have to get back to the day eventually. Watch for accidents as speeds change but the route should be clear. Love develops a step by step plan for manifestation.

Dear Capricorn

You’ve entered your own love cycle but you’re not exactly sure where to look. Begin from within and take care of your health. A trip to the gym will give you the body and the confidence to say hello. Don’t over reach helping a friend.

Dear Aquarius

It’s time to take account of your gifts, strengths, and personal direction. Can you really get to where you’d like to be with what you currently have? If not then create the foundation necessary for your dreams to grow naturally and effortlessly.

Dearest Pisces

Your psychic ability normally helps you to read the thoughts of others but getting your point across is a different story. What if you had the gift to put thoughts into the minds of others?  Give it a try. Words are convincing but a wink is easier.

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