Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! Beginning March 30, 2015

daily lovescope

Stargazer  – March 30 – April 5, 2015 – Kamloops Echo – from Sonny

Dear Aries

You’re in the spotlight but thankfully the aggressive energy that’s made you “too much for most” has moved on. Both attraction and effort are now focused on your material properties, comforts and how to attract money. A new attitude refreshes your commitment with the gym in time for the weekend.

Dear Taurus

Normally, you’re the most calm and peaceful of our signs, often taking the path of least resistance during times of stress but.. this week begins a cycle where you have extra oomph in your step and you want to set the record straight. Speak from your heart but don’t scrunch too many toes when you start stomping.

Dear Gemini

Behind the scenes activities pick up and open enemies make themselves known. You’re in for a fight but there’s a peaceful solution. Lovers return from the past and secret affairs continue. Push hard for what you deserve as you reinvent yourself.

Dear Cancer

It’s time to get out for some fun but the office still has your attention. Mix things up with some social networking and dress your best. You’ll dazzle with new contacts and impress with new contracts. You’re in the spotlight professionally and you’re being noticed everywhere you go. Carry a pen.

Dear Leo

It was a struggle but you’ve emerged with a bigger and more optimistic view of the world around you. This put a shine on your smile and your confident mood will shift to money and what makes you feel secure. An office romance blossoms.

Dear Virgo

The sudden and unexpected continue in love but the fights have passed. I wouldn’t friend everyone who says hi but certain latecomers are worth a look.  An unusual stranger will tempt fate. Love is waiting at the coffee shop so get out and give it one last chance.

Dear Libra

The powerful change happening to your family gets a financial blessing. It’ll arrive through an inheritance or a joint business venture. There’s a possibility for a fight and you’ll be seen as the peacemaker.. again.

Dear Scorpio

You’ve been attracting recently but you’ve also been turning them right back down. This week Mars enters your astro-sector of partnerships and this will give you the spark to push through your game. Lay down some action and make it happen.

Dear Sagittarius

You’ve been having fun lately but it’s time to get back to the grind. You’re going to be busy and you’ll feel it. Keep those feet moving and embrace the challenge. It’ll be worth your extra effort. Give love a chance to catch up.

Dear Capricorn

It’s unlikely that I’d tell business minded Capricorn to do something artsy but you will feel a creative surge of playful energy.  Thoughts will lag on the home and responsibilities but the heart is longing for foreign shores. A little youtube research time should restore the balance and free up time to play.

Dear Aquarius

Even though home is calling you’re in the mood for a romantic adventure.  Groups are causing problems in both your love life and business. You’re going to have to get your special friend alone to seal the deal. They’ll be more receptive than you think.

Dearest Pisces

What is it about love that you enjoy the most? This week, allow the power of your words to bring form to your visions. Try writing poetry, music, blogging, or anything communicative and creative. It might feel busy but you’re just putting all of your feelings into words.

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