Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! Beginning April 13, 2015

kamloops echo Stargazer Horoscopes April 13 – 19, 2015 – Kamloops Echo Dear Aries Work the phones and give that new project a push. You’re going to be busy and it feels good. Money might surprise with an unexpected expense. But.. you’re entering a cycle where your words are golden. Say hello and see what happens. Dear Taurus All of the attention was sure fun and the ego welcomed a healthy boost but it’s time to return to work. Check the mail for surprise checks as financial concerns ease and attraction enters your money zone.  Share your hopes and visions of a beautiful world with someone close.  They just might join you on the adventure. Dear Gemini Resist urges to fight with your past or engage in secret arguments. Love enters your sign and it’s time to be beautiful. You’re going to be lucky in many ways but not all. Find your best path and go for it. Stay positive. Love will find you. Dear Cancer Get ready for some behind the scenes attention! Someone has their eye on you and they’re going to let you know but.. it’s going to stay quiet. You’re entering a cycle of meditative and introspective contemplation where peace and harmony will be the fastest way into loving hearts. Dear Leo The gang calls and you finally reply. Yes, the office is still busy and this week could go sideways but you’re shining and the bosses want you to succeed. While you’re about, remember to smile twice. You’re going to have to say a little more than just hello but the party is listening. Dear Virgo The spotlight is still on the money you make with others but attraction has shifted into your public career. Love is favoring a new job with an increase in pay so take that chance with confidence. A romance becomes public. Dear Libra A new sense of freedom, joy and liberation fill your days. Love is expanding your horizons and you’d like to update your skills to keep pace. Taking a class now will lead to a new job quicker than you think. Keep a pen handy to add new ideas to your list. Dear Scorpio You’re intense at the softest of times so I’m advising you to tone it down even more. Love is now attracting in joint partnerships and you don’t want to freak anyone away. The planets are on your side in both love and money. All you have to do is calibrate and follow your plan. Dear Sagittarius Do you text jokes to your partner? This week your optimistic and happy nature will attract more than just winks. Partnerships strengthen as you help those closest to you. It’s your time for love but you’re still busy. Patience will be required to calm an excited heart. Dear Capricorn There’s a new idea brewing in the back of your mind and all it seems to need is a plan. You’re going to be busy but your path will be clear. Watch your words when negotiating deals. Your heart likes the project but your mind wants to play. Dear Aquarius Embrace the free spirit you know you can be and luck will follow. You’re entering a playful and creative cycle where risks will be rewarded. It’s time to buy a lottery ticket. Children will cheer your spirits and leave you asking yourself new questions. Dearest Pisces The home needs work that can no longer be avoided. A fresh coat of paint or a new move altogether will help create the centering environment that you’ve been missing. Ask for top dollar if selling your house. You’ll be surprisingly aggressive in negotiations.

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