Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! Beginning April 27, 2015

horoscopesStargazer Horoscopes April 27 – May 3, 2015 – Kamloops Echo

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Dear Aries

Impulsive actions give new beginnings the push needed to overcome that bump but remember to stay true to your plan. Another busy week sets the foundation for more to come. Get to the gym and work off some of the stress that’s been building up. You’ll charm someone special with your confident smile.

Dear Taurus

Confidence is attracting romantic overtures and your current “me first” attitude is actually working in your favor. Keep pushing the career as money is still flowing your way. If you keep the lines of communication open then your fortune can continue past this current cycle. A playful encounter at the gym signals your arrival.

Dear Gemini

Another week and the behind the scenes fight you’ve been having will finally be over. In the meantime don’t let it distract you from all of the love coming your way. Calming your busy mind attracts both peaceful souls and loving glances. Someone special has a crush on you.

Dear Cancer

Recent encounters are helping to focus your big picture.  There’s a new world waiting and you’d like to be a big part of it. Before you jump in however, you’re in a reflective and “letting go” cycle. If the behind the scenes affair is becoming too demanding, walk away. A new you is about to come alive.

Dear Leo

As much as you’d like to get out and play, and even though love and fortune are looking for you in social settings, the office is calling. The team is looking to you for leadership and you have the secrets to help everyone shine. Watch your sweet tooth or temptation will add extra miles to your workout. Love is waiting in a crowded room.

Dear Virgo

You’re philosophical, expansive and optimistic as a happier vision fills your eyes with how you’d finally like to be.  Travel delays lead to an unexpected opportunity, confirming what you’ve always known. You’re ready for more responsibility and prepared for the extra hours to attain this next goal. Get out and be seen. Love is looking for you at work.

Dear Libra

Take some “me time” and let yourself rest and recharge. A visit to the day spa for an afternoon of nails and a massage will go a long way to bringing peace to your inner soul. You’re expansive, jubilant, and optimistic but you’re also tired. The bigger picture is coming into focus and you can actually see love working out. By the weekend, you’ll be ready to rejoin the race.

Dear Scorpio

Your heart is finally up for an adventure. Don’t go out alone if can avoid it. Teaming up is the fastest way to find some fun trouble and right now the team is more than willing to wing you.  An inspiring stranger leads you out of darkness and into a brave new world. It’s time Scorpio. Go get ‘em.

Dear Sagittarius

It looks like just another work week with planning, chores, and paying the bills. Not Sagittarius fun at all but.. your love life has kicked into high gear. You will be giving more of your time, energy, and money to your new affection but it’s love. And that’s about giving, receiving, and sharing. A trip to the gym sparks a healthy resolution.

Dear Capricorn

Your health gets a boost from an early morning run along the river. This in turn sets off your frisky button. Others are seeing you as playful and fun but you’re pushing too hard and bumping others the wrong way. Hold back your creative expression and let love flow naturally.

Dear Aquarius

You’re currently seen as relationship material number one and both luck and love are on your side. This will lead to a financial windfall if you play the energy correctly. Friends will try to help but efforts might just as easily let you down. Keep going. It’s not always about business. You’re personal life needs attention as well.

Dearest Pisces

A new project has your attention and you’re aggressively bringing it to life. Short trips, traffic, and networking fill the days but the dedication and efforts will be worth it. Money is arriving from the home so expect a surprise refund for the rent and utilities. Check your old clothes for forgotten treasures.

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