Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! Beginning May 4, 2015

sonny horoscopesStargazer Horoscopes May 4 – 10, 2015 – Kamloops Echo – from Sonny !

Dear Aries
A positive change has the corporate ladder calling your name. The bosses see you as a responsible and hard working leader who’s especially skilled at working the books. Be the first in with money saving ideas and rewards will follow.

Dear Taurus
It might have begun with something simple like a new haircut but it set the wheels in motion and the change is now obvious. Not only do you look and feel different but recent events have also given you a new vision on how you fit into the bigger picture. It may seem like a lot of fuss but your inner peace is returning and that alone is worth the effort.

Dear Gemini
Yes, your energy is low, and the behind the scenes battle might still bring a few surprises but you’re almost out of the woods and the future is looking bright. New faces are smiling and enticing you to take a chance. Words are bringing you fortune so keep talking and follow love into a beautiful your new world.

Dear Cancer
You’d love to lend a helping hand but make sure it’s on your terms. Saying yes one too many times will actually close a door you hoped would stay open. Get out into your world and say hello. It’ll be busy but it’ll also be worth the effort. An old lover returns your message.

Dear Leo
Work is beginning to push more than just your buttons but rewards are waiting if you can stay out of trouble. Get out with friends and tell them your problems. Someone has an answer that was previously overlooked. It’s still a good time to buy a lottery ticket.

Dear Virgo
Luck is still flowing behind the scenes in secret affairs and relationships. If someone tries to sneak something past you, they’ll be caught. Take the high road and simply do your best to be your best. Nothing says revenge better than success.

Dear Libra
A financial wish comes true with the help of someone from a distance. It’ll leave you wondering why you didn’t give a stranger a better chance. This week will restore your faith in yourself and hopefully your confidence in love. Take a chance where you once refused to look.

Dear Scorpio
You’re a loving sign with a lot to give but this week love simply asks for too much. Set your boundaries and make them stick. You’ve finally realized the waiting game is the same as going it alone. Be the love you’d like to receive.

Dear Sagittarius
Watch for accidents in your haste to say hello. Love brings unexpected rewards but patience is required to accept them. You’ll second guess a decision but the opportunity has already expired. Sudden changes in your bank balance leaves you with a smile.

Dear Capricorn
Resist the urge to force a creative effort onto the team. Your ideas are being noticed and accepted but it’s going to take time to implement them. In the meantime, push hard at the gym. You’ll want to look your best when love smiles back.

Dear Aquarius
The new job becomes official and although it’ll take you away from home, it’ll also reveal unexpected opportunities.  Children bring more than just smiles. A playful attitude can transform someone close into more than just a friend.

Dearest Pisces
Hidden within a group of new friends is a game changer that will help clear nagging hurdles. You can’t please everyone but home is where you should keep the peace. Difficult decisions will require soft words. You’ll still be seen as the bad guy but decision made out of love will be accepted peacefully.

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