Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! Beginning May 18, 2015

stargazer horoscopes

Stargazer Horoscopes – May 18 – 24, 2015 Kamloops Echo – from Sonny !

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Dear Aries

The New Moon gives money one last push in your direction. Take advantage of the signs and use the good fortune as a stepping stone towards new goals. You have the ability and the drive but your words might be too aggressive. Details need attention but the bigger picture requires both understanding and patience.

Dear Taurus

You’re naturally blessed with one of the beautiful voices in the zodiac. It’s peaceful, calm, and spellbinding but you have a tendency to hold back when you should speak up. This week allow yourself to try something new by letting your heart speak freely and uncensored. Love is listening with both ears.

Dear Gemini

A boost of energy arrives just in time to get your health and self-esteem back on track. You’ve taken a back seat to the needs of others lately and it’s time to look after yourself. A trip to the day spa or a visit to the gym is all you’ll need to perk up and begin shining again. Money arrives in the mail.

Dear Cancer

We all have a couple of secrets that we’d like to keep hidden. Sometimes the skeletons stay in the closet and sometimes they seem to walk out all on their own. This week you’ll enter a cycle where the past just won’t leave you alone. Be brave and have confidence in your decision to move forward.

Dear Leo

Someone has a secret crush on you and they’d like to let you know. It could be from your past or someone new with a good poker face. Either way, you’re going to keep everything private until you get it sorted out. Have fun but keep the public displays of affection to a minimum.

Dear Virgo

The social bug has given you spring fever and you’d like to get out and play. Love is waiting in a social setting so it’ll be a fun week for networking. A short temper and a lack of preparation give rise to challenges in the workplace. Default to a higher authority for the best solutions.

Dear Libra

Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder or is there a tested formula for perfection? A new attitude is growing quickly with answers to your new awakenings but forcing your opinion on others will only cause a rift. Focus on your best self as you enter the spotlight at work and simply let the new you shine. Love is waiting on a stage.

Dear Scorpio

You’ve been in home and family mode for a while now as you build the foundation for your next seven year cycle. This has helped with the career but hurt in love. I wouldn’t let go of anything just because of a few bumps but someone from a distance is calling. Travel is in the cards if you’d like to say hello.

Dear Sagittarius

Short tempers have you wondering if your latest romance is worth the stress. The bigger picture says it’s only temporary bumps on a beautiful road. A gentle nudge is all that’s needed to remind everyone how lucky they are to have you on the team. A surprise inheritance is on the way.

Dear Capricorn

You’re rushing around just to meet the demands of the day. This is causing tempers to be short and accidents to surprise. Take a deep breath and know you’ll arrive on time. Even though communication is generally cloudy for everyone right now, you’ll be able to get your message across in love.

Dear Aquarius

Everyone else might be in a rush but you’re focused and calmly going about your own business. This is giving you the confidence to keep going on a creative project even though recent bumps have you wondering what’s up with everyone. Go for a hike or long walk with someone special and a little spark could signal the magic you’ve been waiting for.

Dearest Pisces

Children and playfully inspired creativity fill your week with laughter and joy. Yes, there are nagging problems creeping up around the home but the deeper waters of trusted family and friends will calm the days. Let your inner child come out and play and love will welcome you into a bigger spotlight.

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