Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! Beginning June 1, 2015

daily lovescopes Stargazer Horoscopes June 1 – 7, 2015 Kamloops Echo – by Sonny ! Dear Aries This week’s full moon highlights your need for personal freedom, expansive thoughts, and getting away from the hustle and bustle. Take a break outside. A hike through nature or a late night walk along the river will do wonders to clear you mind and recharge your emotional batteries. Love is still waiting close to home. Dear Taurus You may have been saving for a rainy day but your partner has other thoughts. Hidden activities in joint finances and behind the scenes power struggles come into the spotlight. Your frisky side is usually hidden beneath a calm exterior but this week playful emotion will get the best of you. It’s a public display of affection kind of week. Dear Gemini It may be your birthday but this week you’ll go more than half way for your partner. You’ve been waiting for something to move on the relationship front and patience is wearing thin. Logic takes a back seat as an emotional outburst signals time for a new type of love to bloom. Dear Cancer You’ve been thinking about a change in lifestyle that gets your health back on track. A little time at the gym will do wonders for your self-expressions and put you one good habit closer to your goals. You’re still attracting smiles wherever you go so pump up that inner strength and say hello. Dear Leo Friends continue to confuse and generally leave you wondering what’s going on but behind all of the chaos is one person in particular who has caught your attention and you like it. Do your best to bridge the gap and say hello. They’re just as impressed with you as you are with them. Love favors somewhere quiet. Dear Virgo You’ve been spending extra time at the office and your friends and family are beginning to feel neglected. It’s not like you’ve been avoiding anyone but you’ve just had some business to take care of. This week remind everyone that you’re still very much part of the team and do something special for your home life. And remember, just being there says I love you more than any present ever could. Dear Libra Lately you’ve wanted to be anywhere and do anything other than what you feel is another dull and ordinary life. This week the daydreaming catches up and you’ll find yourself running errands, paying bills, and visiting all of the usual haunts just to check back in. An important document will arrive in the mail shortly and with it comes a bit of the freedom that you’ve been looking for. Dear Scorpio You’ve been giving a lot lately and it has taken its toll. Joint projects might still work out so don’t completely throw in the towel but if you want to make things succeed then you’re going to have to say something to stick up for yourself. Don’t wait until it all boils over into an emotional mess. Just say how you feel. Dear Sagittarius You’re craving the spotlight in love and you’re willing to fight to get it. On the plus side, you’re in a love cycle so your partner just might shine the attention you’ve been wanting without you having to ask. Now, although you’re our most direct and “say it like it is” sign, a subtle reminder is all it will take. Dear Capricorn Love is coming from your partner but this week you need some alone time. You’re not fed up with anyone, just drained. Rest and recharge those batteries. A trip to the day spa, a massage, or some time wandering through a bookstore should all do the trick. If none of that helps then a long jog by yourself should clear the emotional cobwebs. Dear Aquarius You’re more important to your friends than you may have realized. Did you know they count on you for emotional inspiration and level headed answers? This week spend some time with the team and let the past fade into a distant memory. Love is waiting somewhere physical. Dearest Pisces Time to put your best foot forward and shine! You may want to spend time at home but both the planets and the office have other ideas. Dress to impress and definitely take the leadership role when called upon. The bosses have faith in you and it’s time to show them what you’ve got.

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