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Stargazer Horoscopes June 8 – 14, 2015 Kamloops Echo – from Sonny !

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Dear Aries

A reclusive and introspective mood paces a peaceful beginning to the week. Take a day off the diet and indulge. Your emotional side needs nourishing as well. Children and childlike activities come into focus as many of you begin thinking of adding to the family.

Dear Taurus

It’s time for a change of scenery. Life has moved on and it’s time to adjust your living quarters accordingly. For Taurus, your home is a source of pride and security that encourages you to faithfully follow your dreams, knowing you have a safe and secure place to return to. Keep your eyes open and you just might find that beautiful new home that fits perfectly with the new you.

Dear Gemini

Retrograde Saturn finally leaves your astro-sector of personal relationships. If you’ve been unlucky in love recently then take a deep breath and give it a second chance. There’s still confusion in the air but do your best to work through any obstacles. You’re not going to suddenly become “lucky” in love but the restrictions are now temporarily lifted.

Dear Cancer

You’re still shining but love has moved into your money sector. This brings good news to the bank account. Ask questions while shopping and you might be offered a surprise discount. Personal health problems clear but double check that everyone else is ok. Specifically, watch for health problems with children.

Dear Leo

As Venus enters your sign you’ll be more attractive than usual. Yes, recent problems with friends will continue but new friends are also on the way. Be patient but smile and say hello. Love is finally on your side. Unexpected luck is also on the rise. Buy a lottery ticket.

Dear Virgo

Yes, communication is still off and you might find yourself backpedaling to keep up but a new love is about to enter the picture. After recent adventures you’re going to want to keep this one quiet for a while. Smile with confidence and hold onto your faith. Things are working out better than you thought.

Dear Libra

Work has been better lately than in a long time and you might be up for an award without even knowing about it. You put in the hours, led the team, and even helped some of the junior members shine. Now it’s your turn to receive the rewards that accompany hard work. Love favors a group outing.

Dear Scorpio

Patience is one of your strengths but you don’t use it enough. Sure, you seem slow to react but I bet you usually hide your instant reactions and wait for the appropriate time to retaliate. This week give real patience a chance by allowing the other person an opportunity to explain themselves before jumping to conclusions and building a grudge. Love is strongly favoring your career.

Dear Sagittarius

You’ve already been blessed with both travel opportunities and higher levels of continuing education this year, but Venus has now entered the game adding love and attraction to an already lucky part of your astro-chart. This means you’ll be thinking vacation and celebration. For the next couple of weeks you’ll be searching for activities and people who can expand your thinking and provide you with opportunities that liberate your emotions. Love turns up the heat with an exotic friend.

Dear Capricorn

It’s time to make some money again! This time it’s coming through a venture you’re working on with a close friend. Keep an eye on the behind the scenes stuff that can sometimes derail a good plan but don’t sweat clerical errors. Dig deep and ask questions. You’re going to uncover a lucky answer to take the project to another level.

Dear Aquarius

“Lucky in love” sometimes means you’ve been lucky to not fall for the wrong person. The problem is that this can leave you quite alone at times. This week attraction joins luck in your astro-sector of personal relationships. So, take a chance and take the lead. You won’t have to dole out your usual second chances either,  as love finally puts you in front of someone who lives up to all of the hype.

Dearest Pisces

You’re entering a cycle where your practical and helping nature will shine forth. Normally, you tend to overextend yourself helping friends and worthwhile causes in general. No, you’re not overzealous but you do have a big heart. This week your generous nature is on display but you’re not going to overdo it. Someone special is watching where you’ve set your boundaries in these very situations.

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