Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! Beginning June 15, 2015

the sunnyside horoacopes

Stargazer Horoscopes June 15 – 21, 2015 – Kamloops Echo

by Sonny !

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Dear Aries

Watch your words. Confusions clear and your point will be made but there’s a chance you’ll come on too strong. Sure, go ahead and challenge the team but it’s always better to lead by example so others can see how it’s done. Children and playful activities bring financial rewards and a chance to meet someone special.

Dear Taurus

Revisit an old money making idea. It might not have worked in the past but things are different this time. Fortune is visiting your home as you continue to ground yourself for the future. Relationships on the other hand will become tense again. Take note as the themes from last summer repeat themselves.

Dear Gemini

After a bumpy and confusing start to your birthday month communication finally clears and it feels good. Push forward in love even if it wasn’t working. Your words will charm and a simple apology or explanation goes a long way towards restoring the romantic balance.

Dear Cancer

Take a break! Your past and your open enemies have been attacking and enough is enough. Pause and reflect but also keep your eyes on your future. You’re double lucky in money right now and a surprise check might arrive in the mail. Buy a lottery ticket.

Dear Leo

The joke that didn’t work last week just might bring down the house this time around. Love is following your every move and you’re shining so brightly that you won’t even have to smile back! With the planets on your side, it’s now up to you to choose your perfect future.

Dear Virgo

Even though the Moon is encouraging you to get out and be social, there’s a larger part of you that still needs a break. Visit the gym and take it easy. Rest up if you can, take care of your health, and simply clear your mind. Troubles from the past begin to ease and it’s a time to heal. If you’re looking for love, a secret affair is waiting.

Dear Libra

You’re shining with the team and the rewards are beginning to pile up. It feels good to be recognized for a job well done. All of the accolades as well as a few casual winks put you back in the mood to excel at the office. You’ve spent the last couple of months upgrading your skills. It’s now time to put your new lessons into action.

Dear Scorpio

Joint finances still have your attention and you’re not entirely pleased with the way things have been going. Don’t fret and just keep going. You’re so bright in business that people are probably walking right up to you and asking for your professional input. Don’t give anything away for free this time. Your natural skills and leadership qualities are more valuable than you realize.

Dear Sagittarius

Questions surrounding joint finances and money from the family will come into play this week but the bulk of your energy is focused elsewhere. Relationships are causing drama that you wish would just fade away but karma is asking you to step up and deal with the mess. Love from someone exotic and very different is waiting for a reply.

Dear Capricorn

Another busy week fills your days with errands and spinning your wheels just to keep pace. Keep going. You know good habits are the key to your success both financially and in love. The Moon has you going the extra mile for someone close and the effort will be noticed. A joint financial project has a breakthrough!

Dear Aquarius

A creative project gets a second wind but that doesn’t mean you should spend all of your energy resurrecting something that won’t be to your standard. Present your ideas in a clear manner and see what happens. You might have to adjust roles on the project. Love is so strong for Aquarius right now that even a frown will win you a date with someone special.

Dearest Pisces

There are many different ways to show that you care. Sometimes we buy gifts, other times we use words, and this week you’re going to be there to help out practically. Do your best to be there for someone special. It could be rolling up your sleeves and helping someone move or you might find yourself listening to a friend’s problems over lunch. Either way your calming presence will bring peace to a touchy situation.

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