Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! Beginning June 22, 2015

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Stargazer Horoscopes June 22 – 28, 2015 – Kamloops Echo – from Sonny !

Dear Aries

You’ve been a social dynamo lately but it’s now time to take care of the home. Repairs, renovations, and surprise expenses are all to be expected. Emotions run stronger and deeper for the next couple of weeks as core values and traditional beliefs are challenged. You’re very creative this astro-cycle so take the time to come up with a working answer before blowing things out of proportion.

Dear Taurus

As Mars enters your astro-sector of communication you’ll be busy selling your ideas. If you’ve been working on a new financial project then now’s the time to push for more sales. You’re going to be busy but it’s an exciting time where you can also have fun along the way. Love is busy grounding your relationship for a more permanent union.

Dear Gemini

Defend your possessions. You’ve worked hard for what you have and even though life is moving on there’s no reason to simply give it all away just because things are changing. Take inventory of what you’re going to need for your next journey and for the adventures that will follow when you return. If tempted by a stranger’s smile, say hello.

Dear Cancer

The last couple of weeks put you on the emotional roller coaster which drained much of your energy and left you second guessing your decisions. Your reflective and introspective cycles are now over and it’s time to shine again. Self confidence and personal ego energy return adding a bounce to your step and a smile to your words. A renewed zest for personal goals stimulates attraction for both money and love.

Dear Leo

You’re both shining and attracting. Money, love, and personal goals are all coming into focus. And you have the energy to get things done. On the downside, a problem from the past that you thought was put to rest comes calling and it’s looking for a fight. Watch your back but don’t get too distracted from all of the fortune that is currently blessing your steps.

Dear Virgo

Teamwork and networking are your themes for this astro-cycle. You’ll be getting out a lot more with the group but simply tagging along will not be to your liking. Right now, you’d like to lead and show everyone that you deserve both the trust and respect that accompany positions of leadership. Let your actions motivate the team.

Dear Libra

With exams now finished, it’s time to put what you’ve learned into practice. Trust your skills and your new approach to getting things done. You’re still receiving love, money, and accolades from groups but it’s the office that is holding your attention and your energy. Take the team out for lunch and celebrate a job well done.

Dear Scorpio

You’re super lucky in business this asto-cycle so keep pushing the career and be public about it. Distance travel is calling with an adventure that you’d love to take but you’re currently stuck at the office. Set your intentions and expect the unexpected. An older person surprises with declarations of love.

Dear Sagittarius

Keep a close eye on the health of those close to you. An older relative may be more sick than you realize. Joint financial activities occupy your attention as your partner continues to present you with money making ideas. You’re entering a frisky cycle of money, love, and power. Have fun but don’t get carried away. Success arrives through a team effort.

Dear Capricorn

Enough about money! It’s time for love. Sure, it’s nice to be a financial wiz, especially when you have the help of a strong team. But what about love?  This week begins a cycle where you’re going to get serious about finding a partner to share the wealth. Be aggressive but watch for stepping on toes as strangers pause to interpret your jokes.

Dear Aquarius

Love is on your mind and the smiles keep coming but you have chores to take care of and they are going to keep you busy. It’s general errands and running around but you’re also adding to your life in the form of new habits and people. Throughout all of this, you’ll be asked to help out a friend. Reschedule if you have to but definitely help out. The love you’ve been waiting for is watching how you handle the pressure.

Dearest Pisces

A burst of energy adds new life to a creative project you thought was over. This goes double for love. Winks from last week may have been met with a cold smile but things warm up this time around. Money will have your attention as you continue to settle old bills. Reach out and help a friend in need.

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