Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! Beginning June 29, 2015

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Stargazer June 29 – July 5, 2015 – Kamloops Echo – from Sonny !

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Dear Aries
Big changes continue at work but it’s your home and family life that now take center stage. Yes, you’ll have to find a better balance but the problem isn’t the amount of time you’re putting into each activity, it’s the quality. Take some time to show those closest, how much you really care.

Dear Taurus
Prepare for the best. Sudden and unexpected fortune continues to bless the home but this week it arrives from the past. Someone you used to know has been keeping a distant but loving eye on you and they’d like to help with your current restructuring project. The game has changed in your favor and you’d still make a good team if you’re both willing to compromise and resurrect an opportunity.

Dear Gemini
It’s been an interesting year in the social spotlight. Some days you’re shining brightly and others can’t quite catch your groove. This week prepare for more surprises as fortune graces you with an encounter that will send you for a loop. Yes, they will be magnetic and sparks will fly. Watch your heart as excitement outpaces reality.

Dear Cancer
It’s been an up and down year in the career with surprise advancements are confusing setbacks. This week opportunity strikes again but now it’s carrying a financial incentive. Check the fine print but don’t take too long coming to a decision. This is an opportunity you’ll want to explore further.

Dear Leo
You’re shining so brightly that everywhere you travel the world is cheering you on. The only drawback is a behind the scenes battle you just can’t get away from. Find a way to make peace. It’s dragging everyone down around you at the very time you should all be riding a spectacular summer journey.

Dear Virgo
You’re still fighting with your friends and problems continue to pop up on the social front but you’re also working on something that could really surprise us all. If you’re single then keep your eyes open for someone looking at you from across the room who for whatever reason just can’t muster up the strength to say hello. You’re going to have to make the first move.

Dear Libra
The rewards keep coming but money is still getting tight. It’ll seem strange to some as money usually follows a successful public performance but not this time. Expenses are at an all time high but lessons from the past will guide you through. Watch your tongue at work and gracefully accept your trophy. Love is waiting at the shopping mall.

Dear Scorpio
Circumstances have you felling restricted and controlled at the moment. Sure, you could rebel and blow everything up that you’ve worked so hard for. That would be a very Scorpio thing to do but if you’ve learned you’re lessons you’ll realize there’s another way. A small vacation will bring a big smile.

Dear Sagittarius
Love still has you exploring distance realms or least attending a class to expand your mind. It’s also putting you in the path of exotic strangers from faraway lands. This lines up nicely with your natural optimism and expressive views. If you take a chance, love will favor you sooner than you thought. Joint finances begin to raise concern.

Dear Capricorn
The personal changes that you’ve been going through for the last year suddenly meet up with your closest relationships. Maybe your partner doesn’t like your new hair cut, or clothes, or how you’ve recently changed your style of talking. Whatever it is, a compromise seems imminent. Love encourages you to ask penetrating questions.

Dear Aquarius
You’re about to get super busy so watch your health and be alert for accidents. It might feel as if you’re working twice as hard for a smaller result. It’s really just an overload of daily chores. Love begun now is strong and lasting but it won’t grow from that spark if you don’t help it along.

Dearest Pisces
This week begins a cycle where creativity and children play a bigger role. Unfortunately, the kids will be grouchy and expressions will be aggressive. You don’t have to bite your tongue but you will be required to bring the pieces to a more harmonious volume. Love is waiting in the details.

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