Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! Beginning July 6, 2015

kamloops echo

Stargazer Horoscopes July 6 – 12, 2015 – Kamloops Echo – from Sonny !

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Dear Aries

As the week opens you’ll find yourself in a reflective mood as old friends drop in to visit and recharge your emotional batteries. By mid-week you’re back in the swing and ready to get things going. You’re still in a creative mastermind cycle so keep the ideas flowing, especially around children. Double check joint finances.

Dear Taurus

It was fun but too much time socializing has left you drained. Take some time to pamper yourself and generally slow down. Go to the spa or get your nails done. Taking care of yourself and your needs will lift your mood and prepare you for a weekend you’re going to remember.

Dear Gemini

It’s been money in and money out for the last couple of weeks. And it’s been fast! As we approach the long days of summer it’s time to make a budget and stick to it. Opportunities in love and business have arrived but they’re not going to last if you’ve already drained your rainy day accounts. Love is hiding in a long conversation with someone you already know.

Dear Cancer

There’s an extra bounce in your step and you can feel a push to get things done. Money and opportunities to add to your comfort level continue to arrive but you’d like to take control of your own destiny regardless. Business is calling and you’d like to step into the spotlight. Take a chance with confidence.

Dear Leo

You’re usually the center of attention pulling everyone together for fun and festivities but this week you’d just like to be left alone to do your own thing. A recent mess has your attention and you’ll need all of your focus to clean it up. It doesn’t look like a scrape with an old friend will be mended anytime soon but it’s the perfect week to try. A little effort towards peace goes a long way.

Dear Virgo

It’s been fun but not what you’re used to nor what you were expecting. However, when you take a step back and look at things, it’s been exactly what you needed. You have a new friend and you make an interesting team. It’s time to take the lead and see where things go.

Dear Libra

You’ve been busy and believe it or not, your partner is feeling neglected. They might be jealous of the attention you’ve been receiving socially or the strides you’ve been making professionally. Either way there’s a rift and it’s time to mend or move on.  Personal responsibilities stress a professional bridge. Use tact when asking for help.

Dear Scorpio

Keep pushing the career. The social invitations you’ve been waiting for will arrive in a couple of weeks and at that time some of your business luck will dry up. So for now, put in extra hours at the office. A little extra sweat this week will put you in better standing when you’re finally asked out to play.

Dear Sagittarius

Of all the signs, you’re the most likely to throw your hands up and leave the office behind for some fun this week. A romantic adventure is calling and you’d like to answer. Money tightens up as expenses surprise. It’s just a case of getting readjusted to the summer and some of the spending that accompanies the fun. An honest budget will smooth joint finances.

Dear Capricorn

This week home is where the heart is. Sometimes following your dreams means staying exactly where you are. Look around and see if you’ve missed something. Love is still on your side so if there’s someone new then invite them over. You’ve worked hard for what you have and it’s time to show it off to someone special. Take a chance on someone new.

Dear Aquarius

You continue to attract love that has the potential to last. This week it’s time to make a move and close the deal. Your partner will understand and respect your aggression. This adds time to a busy week and paves the way for a new type of relationship dynamic. Take a chance and step into the world you’ve always wanted.

Dearest Pisces

The kids are asking for a lot but there’s no reason to say no just because you’re busy. The summer heat is currently draining energy but it could just as easily add to the fun. You’re worried about money but just as the serious should stay serious, the fun should remain fun. Watch your pocket book but make time to get out and play.

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