Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! Beginning July 13, 2015

kamloops echo horoscopes

Stargazer Horoscopes July 13 – 19, 2015 – Kamloops Echo – by Sonny !

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Dear Aries

This week of new beginnings will activate change in your home and family life. You’ll find yourself more emotional than normal as your natural competitive intensity looks for a new outlet. Trust your gut. Your hidden psychic nature is ready for an adventure.

Dear Taurus

A quiet blip on your love radar turns into a lot more, simply by showing your softer side and a little interest. Daily activities and your social circle are changing for the better. This is all a result of a recent change in attitude and a desire to speak up.  Love is waiting in a familiar setting.

Dear Gemini

There’s a new beginning your ability to earn money. Recent events in both love and money have left you banging your head wondering where you went wrong and what to do next. This week you’re going to wrestle back control over your life and project a new confidence on the way to your goals.

Dear Cancer

It’s been brewing for a while but this week a familiar smile will welcome you into a beautiful new world. It’s a big step that could easily become a life changer and it’ll be worth it. Accept with confidence. You already have all of the tools necessary to succeed.

Dear Leo

Events have begun to weigh heavily on the heart and emotional stress is about to peak. This ushers in a cycle of reflection, introspection, and seclusion. You may find yourself hiding out just to get away from all of the drama. Grab a good book and find your favorite tree. A little alone time is all you need.

Dear Virgo

They may have had a strong hold on your emotions in the past but friends and your social network is about to change. Be confident, loving, and strong. Letting go is never easy but you know it’s time for a change. Your actions this week set the tone for the rest of the year so do your best to be your best.

Dear Libra

The awards were nice but money is the point of the game when it comes to business. Implement those changes at the office. You’ll find yourself in the spotlight and the rewards will follow. Love is waiting through close friends.

Dear Scorpio

Your view of the world begins to change as distant shores answer your calls. Love is still waiting at the office but you know an adventure is waiting. Follow your heart.

Dear Sagittarius

Flashes of creativity inspire new beginnings in joint finances while love still waits somewhere exotic. Continue to do your homework. Yes, you’d like to get outside and visit nature but you’re still in a cycle of higher learning. If you go hiking, take a book.

Dear Capricorn

It’s time to implement those changes in both your daily life and at the office. Get back to the gym, take a chance on love, and return all of those emails. As summer hits its stride you’re going to want your daily life sorted, streamlined, and running on all cylinders to keep pace with the coming opportunities.

Dear Aquarius

Love has said hello and you’ve decided to tag along for the ride. This beautiful transition is naturally leading you to change a couple of habits and to streamline your chores. If everything follows its logical progression you’ll have more time for romance and the adventure you always knew was waiting.

Dearest Pisces

This week begins a cycle of romance and playful adventures. Get out, say hello, and make some new friends. While you’re out having fun, keep your eyes open for love. Someone in your daily life has a soft heart for your smile. Next week romance blossoms.

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