Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! Beginning July 27, 2015

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Stargazer Horoscopes July 27 – August 2, 2015 – Kamloops Echo – from Sonny !
Dear Aries
A playful and creative week opens with an old friend saying hello. Take the initiative and invite them out to lunch.  Just when you thought the kids were settled into their summer routine a sudden blessing arrives to shake things up in a good way. Laughter leads to loving arms.
Dear Taurus
You’re words continue to get you into trouble. Speak freely from the heart and do your best in the moment. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better at home, an old friend returns with a happy smile and new stories.  Get outside and enjoy nature but don’t stray too far into the woods.
Dear Gemini
Money continues to exit fast than you can blink but you can control your losses by focusing on what truly matters. A home decision which looked promising last week suddenly raises second guesses. Romantic sparks hidden behind formalities give way to the loving and playful partner you’ve been looking for.
Dear Cancer
This astro-cycle brings you yet another chance to get that big money making idea off of the ground. The extra time should answer all of of the nagging questions and position you to take advantage of an opening you thought was lost. Sincerity in love leads to far greater rewards than games with the heart.
Dear Leo
You’re shining and you’re lucky but you’re still fighting with someone close. You’re not going to have an outright victory but you can win the points you want by adding a little diplomacy to the negotiations. What looked like a financial reward suddenly dries up but it’s going to return next month when all of the fighting is left in the past.  Plan your success but don’t act until you’re emotionally ready.
Dear Virgo
Although love began blessing you with new faces and a healthy boost to your ego, you know it’s still time to recharge your emotional batteries. Go to the spa and pamper yourself. Your subconscious is currently working overtime to resolve a personal identity conflict. A romantic adventure is on the horizon so take this time to get yourself ready.
Dear Libra
The nostalgic interlude has given way to fun times with friends. And why not? It’s summer! You get a second chance to make an impression with the group. Double check your script,  rehearse you lines and go for it. Confidence always goes the distance but don’t run over other people’s feelings or ideas, especially in public and at work. Close relationships continue to surprise.
Dear Scorpio
Success at the office was a welcome relief from past dramas but it left you a little behind the game socially. Then your phone suddenly began to ring again and you had a taste the love that you were looking for. It’s now time to return to work and apply the big push that you know is inside of you. Get it done once and for all so you’re ready when the social bug returns with a new love and a big smile.
Dear Sagittarius
You’re social, confident, beautiful, and even more expressive than usual. Distant shores have been calling all year and it’s been a fun and intellectually expanding experience. The only “but” is hiding with your career which although stable, could use a little push. Fortune will favor you professionally very shortly but first you’ll have to navigate a short cycle of revisiting ideas and techniques you’ve already learned. A subtle adjustment will lead to big gains professionally.
Dear Capricorn
You may have wanted to take a vacation or generally get a way for a while but a joint project calls you back to the office. That would normally put a damper on well laid plans except this time the office is calling with money in hand. Look around and ask a couple of questions. There’s an extra cheque waiting for you.
Dear Aquarius
Saturn creeping back into Scorpio creates changes at the office. It’s time to restructure and make some step by step plans to take the next logical step in your career. It’s going to seem bleak as you traverse the bumps but if you can take it all in stride and keep going then you’ll emerge with something new. Do your best because this new beginning that arrives in a couple of months can set you up for the life you’ve been hoping for.
Dearest Pisces
Are you living the romantic fantasy that you’d been hoping for? Looking around it might feel as if life has become all work and daily chores with little time for simple fun, let alone a romantic adventure. Last week love said hello and you were tempted with a glimpse of what “could be”. This week you enter a short cycle that will revisit and clean up your daily activities to make room for the dream that’s waiting for you.

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