Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! Beginning August 3, 2015

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It’s been a busy week.. I’m currently in T. for my sister’s wedding and to visit with family and old friends. Next week we’ll have a series of endings and beginnings as the themes from last summer wrap up and we can finally move forward with confidence.. On a personal note – my closest cousin is about to lose her battle with cancer – but I told her I love her and she smiled.. My little sister died of Cancer a number of years ago so.. I know the deal and I’m not upset – I still believe we should always do our best to be our best & the universe will sort the rest. – sending love around the world & wishing everyone the best of a beautiful week – S
Stargazer Horoscopes August 3 – 9, 2015 – Kamloops Echo
Dear Aries
An aggressive energy colors your week with a desire to change something about yourself. Perhaps you’ll suddenly alter your hairstyle or adopt a new catchphrase into your daily language. Whatever it is will catch others off guard. Friends may be surprised but they’ll also like the new you. Proceed with confidence.
Dear Taurus
What once seemed like a promising idea at home seems to have lost steam. Perhaps you began to second guess your decision or maybe the overall mood hit a wall of sober thinking. Whatever the cause, you’re not happy with what’s happening. You could stomp those hooves, dig in, and try to get your way but peaceful resolutions require honest communication. If you want your plan to work, you’ll have to talk it out.
Dear Gemini
You’re in a chatty frame of mind and you’re extra social to boot. You’d love to get out and continue the fun but chores have to get done. Shortly your energy is going to shift and you’ll be full steam ahead on a project or relationship that’s been start and stop for the last couple of weeks. Bumps in love will soon yield to romantic adventures.
Dear Cancer
You’re still a little feisty as residual energy from recent fights filter through your system. Leave the past in the past and focus on the good. This astro-cycle the good is arriving in the form of money. New contracts, new connections, and payment for a job well done all arrive as expected. You’ll have to revisit one of your ideas but a little tweak will result in bigger gains.
Dear Leo
A recent dust up with a close friend or group has left you wondering what’s going on but things are about to settle in your favor. Keep going and stick up for what you believe in. Both friends and strangers rally around your natural leadership qualities. Love confuses but it’s also true. Patience and a happy smile will lead you to a brighter day.
Dear Virgo
You’re our most analytical sign but this week pay attention to your dreams. You’re more attune to the surrounding energies than normal and it may give you cause for concern but it’s also leading you in the right direction. You might be feeling run down but it’s time to take a chance on yourself. Beginning next week, watch for a surprise attack from someone you thought was a friend.
Dear Libra
You’ve been super social lately but it’s no time for a break. Close friends become a little distant but they also made you new friends to entertain and learn from. If it hasn’t happened yet, you’re still in line for recognition for work already completed. One more week of stress at the office tries to trip your progress but you have the tools to succeed.
Dear Scorpio
Business is so front and centre that you can barely step out of your front door without clients saying hello. But.. Venus is retrograde so what you thought was locked down suddenly shakes loose. This is giving you an opportunity to assess and correct as needed. Get it done. Next week you’re finally going to have the emotional energy to push for more.
Dear Sagittarius
With that joint project finally locked up and launched it’s now time to get out and explore. If you haven’t taken a vacation yet then a new hobby or study is occupying your time. Keep going. It’s not a back to school energy but it is encouraging you to expand your thinking. That special crush knows you’re interested and they’ll not only wait but they’re also expecting more. Study up then say hello.
Dear Capricorn
If you’re still looking for love then this is the last week to really go for it. Business is calling with a strong voice and it’s difficult to ignore the potential dollar signs. A joint deal suddenly goes sideways but it’s only temporary. Check the books but have faith. Shortly your energy will pace your results.
Dear Aquarius
There’s a tremendous amount of energy encouraging you to hit a home run in the game of love. The only damper is Venus retrograde is making your partner suddenly unavailable. There’s no reason to worry or second guess. They’re just busy. A surprise phone call or well placed love note is all that’s needed to keep the heart warm and to let them know how much you really care.
Dearest Pisces
Someone popped up on your love radar recently but your focus returns to money. A sudden opportunity to cash in will be too difficult to resist but it’s a wildcard speculation at best. Focus on the day to day tasks of making sure your plan is airtight before you proceed. Love will return but the chores have to be finished before you can get down to the serious business of long term relationships.

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