Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! Beginning August 10, 2015

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Stargazer Horoscopes – August 10 – 16, 2015 – Kamloops Echo – – from Sonny !
Dear Aries
Pressures in joint finances begin to ease with the help of recent lessons and a well formed plan. This brings a smile to close faces and all you’ll want to do is get out and play. Children and making children take on a greater importance. Expect a mixed answer when the conversation arises.
Dear Taurus
Your mind may be onto fun, creativity, and even thoughts of children but your outward and active energy is focused squarely on the home. What once seemed like a great idea is now causing headaches within the family. Think twice. Even if you win this fight, the family will lose.
Dear Gemini
With that last bit of nastiness affecting your income finally cleared, it’s time to let go and full steam ahead with networking. Work the phones, say hello, and even put up flyers. This is the time for new business and personal connections. Isn’t it time to make some new friends?
Dear Cancer
A sudden opportunity enhances your career in a public way and fills the pockets with unexpected spending money. Read the fine print but don’t hesitate when asked to take the lead. You’re naturally good with money and you should proceed with confidence. Work the phones.
Dear Leo
Your physical energy gets a well needed boost but as the week begins you still won’t be in the mood to play. Recent events have left you emotionally drained and it’s time for a break. Take a trip to the spa or visit your favorite coffee shop to unwind. A couple hours  of me time is all it should take to get things back on track.
Dear Virgo
You’ve probably seen it coming for a while so it shouldn’t be a big surprise when a friend suddenly reveals themselves as less than true. Be yourself anyways. Jupiter, the big planet of luck is entering your sign and this will boost opportunities and help you come out ahead. Even your mistakes are likely to lead to unexpected fortune.
Dear Libra
Sometime during the next two weeks you’re going to have a dust up with the group. Love is currently in a reflective cycle and on the plus side it has you thinking fondly of old friends and lovers. On the negative side, old insecurities are beginning to creep up. On the best side, money problem begin to clear once and for all. Good job putting it all together.
Dear Scorpio
Luck is being replaced with hard work at the office. And just in time. You can’t coast on your reputation forever. Put in the hours because people are watching and they want to see you succeed. For the next several months you’ll be lucky when you go out and visit groups. This is difficult for Scorpio but your destiny is waiting for you to say hello to a stranger.
Dear Sagittarius
In an interesting twist you’ll find yourself arguing with either someone at a distance or you’ll be upset with a teacher or mentor. It’s not the worst thing in the world except that right now, you should be in harmony with the very person that’s causing you stress. If love is causing fits, then focus on work.
Dear Capricorn
Love always seems to cast a romantic spell when in the honeymoon phase but once it’s over, then it’s time to get down the financial realities of “happily ever after”. It was a beautiful affair but it’s now time to look at the books and this is going to make you squirm. Love is still attracting money in your joint finances so be quick to forgive and don’t burn any bridges. You currently need the help to succeed.
Dear Aquarius
Ba-da-bing! Love enters the physical stage and suddenly your emotional batteries are charged and you’re ready for more.  Venus is still in your astro-sector of close relationships so fortune will be arriving through your partner. If you’re single then keep your eyes open. This is your time to take a chance on love.
Dearest Pisces
Some days run so smoothly that we don’t realize how lucky we really are. This week you enter a cycle where the pace picks up so look both ways when you cross the street. You’re both busy and accident prone. Thoughts will drift towards your closest relationships but your physical health needs attention first.

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