Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! Beginning August 17, 2015

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Stargazer Horoscopes – August 17 – 23, 2015 – Kamloops Echo ( – from Sonny !

Dear Aries

After a year of transition, emotional growth, and physical trials you’re now entering a yearlong cycle where health improves and daily activities become less restricted by random battles. You’ll also be more attune to details, schedules, and planning. This will lead to recognition at work and an eventual promotion. Love is still encouraging you to get out and have fun. Just stop fighting with the kids.

Dear Taurus

You may be in the middle of a passive aggressive argument with the family and yes, people who used to be there for you have suddenly turned their collective backs on your wonderful light. It doesn’t necessarily make you a bad person but karma doesn’t take days off either. How you choose to smooth things over is up to you but you should attempt for a fast resolution because this year children and especially adding children to the family are highlighted.

Dear Gemini

Your words are still biting so be careful with your casual expressions, especially when you bump shoulders in new company. The main area of expansion and luck for the next year are home and family. You’re building a foundation from which to grow and expand so take your time and follow fortune. There’s a big possibility that you’ll move this year. Look for deals in real estate.

Dear Cancer

Money is slipping through your fingers before you get a chance to count it. Slow the spending while your pockets still have a little jingle inside. You’re entering a yearlong cycle of education, communication, and new business opportunities. You’ll be busy so make sure you get plenty of rest. A smile and reaching out to say hello goes a lot further in both love and money than anyone might guess.

Dear Leo

Although a “me first” attitude still colors your energy for the next two weeks, you’ll quickly awaken to the idea that there’s more out there for you. This includes money. You’re now entering a cycle where you’re attracting luck and abundance in your astro-financial sector. Keep your eyes open for sudden opportunities to fill your boots.

Dear Virgo

Sure there’s a lot happening with your dreams both awake and asleep, and both friends and foes from the past continue to pop up randomly but you’re entering into a yearlong cycle where you’re going to be lucky. Shortly the past will leave you alone and you’ll be ready to embrace the new beginning. One warning.. this transit is notorious for adding weight. Watch the snacks!

Dear Libra

As luck shifts through the zodiac it will bless you most “behind the scenes”. This means quietly helping others as you become more compassionate, understanding and forgiving. You’ll also free yourself from some bad habits you may not realize you’re carrying. Expect intuition to be on target and go with gut feelings. As for love, it’s still waiting with friends.

Dear Scorpio

Career is still front and center for another two weeks so keep pushing to “go” button. As for luck, it’s inviting you out for a night on the town. Expect your social calendar to fill for the rest of the year. In a strange twist, normally reclusive Scorpio might actually enjoy getting out and meeting people. When you do say hello, remember to hand them your business card.

Dear Sagittarius

It’s time to put on your best dress and show the world what you’ve got. Status, recognition, and praise for achievements are all in store this new astro-cycle. Do your best to be your best, especially while at work and the rewards will follow. The more you put yourself out into the world, the more chance your rewards will have to find you.

Dear Capricorn

It’s still money in and money out when it comes to joint finances and legal issues. Keep your eyes open but avoid conflicts if possible. They’ll just drag you down and into a fight that you don’t need. Your expansion and luck are arriving from a distant source so focusing on the here and now isn’t going to help anyways. Plan ahead and think big.

Dear Aquarius

It’s been push and pull in relationships and business lately. Some steps forward didn’t lead to where you thought they would and your helping hands often met with ingratitude. A new source of light now accompanies luck in your astro-sector of intimacy, shared resources, and financial planning. It’ll heal old scars and fill you with the emotional confidence to keep moving forward.  It’s time to succeed.

Dearest Pisces

You’ve been so busy lately that love may have been just a dream you never thought you’d have time for. Yes, your days are still going to be full for the next couple of weeks but you’re entering a long and powerful cycle of attracting love in great abundance. If you’re looking for love, simply keep your eyes open and smile. If you’re already attached than opportunities now await your partner. Buy them a lottery ticket.

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