Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! Beginning August 31, 2015

kamloops echo horoscopes

Stargazer Horoscopes – August 31 – September 6, 2015

from – Kamloops Echo ( – by Sonny !

Dear Aries

Career and creativity take center stage in a dramatic turn of events that can change you game.  Add the responsibility of children to the mix and suddenly your daily life gets turned upside-down. On the positive, you’re currently blessed with abundant energy to tackle obstacles as they arrive. Get to the gym and blow off some steam.

Dear Taurus

For fixed signs change can be a difficult hurdle as you philosophically adjust and reroute your personal journey .  Growth on the other hand can appear almost easy and effortless. When we look closely however, it’s just different words used to describe the same situation. So, like the flower that pushes up  through the soil to stretch out and enjoy a day in the sun, regardless of what you’re used to calling it, all you have to do is open your mind to a different way of looking at the processes and then enjoy the very bright light that’s trying to warm you this week. A creative solution is waiting.

Dear Gemini

Watch your joint finances this week and then double check them again.. twice! Someone at home is costing you more than just your hard earned dollars and although confidence has you pushing forward it’s important to recognize that not everyone on the team is on the same page. There’s more to life than just money and right now your reputation is on the line as well. Sometimes the toughest forms of love are required to lead everyone to a brighter day.

Dear Cancer

Changes in your closest relationships have you questioning decisions and wondering why you keep making the same mistakes. This week love becomes clear. It’s a painful process but you’re going to come out ahead. Money is very good and communication is expanding but love has caused a pain that needs to be addressed. Tell your story to everyone who will listen. It’s time to heal and move on.

Dear Leo

Money continues to fill your boots as opportunities surprise out of the blue. Be confident and say yes to the chance you’ve been asking for. A health concern reverses direction so be careful and if necessary get a second opinion. Family is going to cause restrictions and encourage you to try a different path. There’s no need to turn this into a drama. Just accept the love in the form that it arrives.

Dear Virgo

Your creative approach to life and all of the fun projects that follow are in the middle of a transition. Some days are good and the creative energy flows while on others you feel trapped and even stifled. This week an internal shift helps you to change directions and see your efforts for what they really are. Lend a helping hand to children.

Dear Libra

Although you don’t mention it too often, home has been a sore spot for the last while. Maybe you wanted to settle down and it didn’t work out or maybe your family didn’t like some of your choices and they’ve been quietly vocal about it. This week things turn around and those closest to you finally see things your way. It’s not like this will suddenly make all of your problems disappear but at least you’ll have the support of those closest to your heart.

Dear Scorpio

Just when you thought it was time to settle into a routine and get down to business, life throws another game changing twist. As usual, you could handle this any number of creative ways but you’ve learnt some hard lessons this last year. Have some faith and let these experiences guide the new path that’s being forced upon you. You’re not the type to make the same mistake twice so double check your personal goals and find a way to keep going for it.

Dear Sagittarius

Money has been flying in and out in buckets so much this last while that it has begun to feel normal. Sure, you’ve had some fun and along the way some of the gambles have panned out pretty well but deep down you know this can’t go on forever. This week a light will shine on your finances in a way that will both surprise and set you up for a long time. Yes, you’re going to have to walk through it all and it’s not going to be too easy but you’re going to love life on the other side of the fence.

Dear Capricorn

Take a pause for an inventory check. Is your health ok? How about your ego and emotional state? It’s been a difficult ride for many of you this last year and your very presence has taken too many hits to count. This week look in the mirror and make one last adjustment. A subtle tweak will finally awaken the response in the very people you’ve been trying to impress. Allow a small exotic twist to become part of your permanent projection.

Dear Aquarius

As our most logical sign you have the gift of joining physical dots that others simply cannot see. So what happens when bad dreams and illogical night visions begin to interfere with common sense? Suddenly, your outside of the box thinking that we all admire shifts from the simply “out there” to the “what are you talking about”. This however doesn’t make your answers any less valid or even off the mark. Have faith in yourself regardless of how you arrived at your conclusions.

Dearest Pisces

You’re usually the one who’s there when a friend is down or in need of a helping hand. But what happens when you’re upset and the calm waters of your emotional world begin to swirl? For the last while it might have seemed like the very people that you turned to for support were the ones who were causing the discord. To further the confusion, people might have even been a little harsh about it. Even if all you did was look sad. This week social fortunes reverse and your emotional support returns with open arms. Embrace an old friend.

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