Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! Beginning September 14, 2015

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Stargazer Horoscopes September 14 – 20, 2015

from – Kamloops Echo ( – by Sonny !

Dear Aries

This week’s energy has you feeling frisky, playful, and in the mood for love. Children, and a childlike attitude have taken over and you’re in the mood for a new adventure. For some rams this includes adding to the nest. It’s also a good time to address your practical day to day affairs. Put the two together and you just might spark that adventure you’re looking for.

Dear Taurus

Those close to you have had a rough go of it lately and it has left you feeling isolated emotionally and tired physically. This week things begin to change. The world has shifted around you and suddenly you’re being viewed as relationship material again. This should not only lift your spirits but also fill you with a refreshing view of what you really want in a partner. Say hello to a smiling face but don’t get carried away just yet.

Dear Gemini

Networking, communicating, and reaching out are all on the agenda and this is exactly how you like it. It’s not excitement however that holds your heart but rather it’s excitement with a purpose that gets your intellectual emotions flowing. These days you’re surrounded by friends who are living their dreams and you’d like to tag along to help out and maybe see if there’s anything in their future waiting for you. Your words are still golden. All you have to do is ask.

Dear Cancer

Whether you made the decision yourself or if it feels like it has been thrust upon you, a leaf has been turned and you’re ready for action. Money continues to flow in aggressive waves and you really should make the most of the opportunities while they present themselves. Recent swings have you feeling more optimistic than usual as thoughts shift towards home, family and all that you can create together. It’s not time to move just yet but it doesn’t hurt to look around and get ready.

Dear Leo

There were problems at home for the last while but you survived and you deserve to hold your head high. This week your heart will lean towards the family but stay strong to your decisions. They’re not popular with everyone but the planets say you’re on the right track. Keep your ego in check and continue shining as brightly as you can. Love is looking in your direction.

Dear Virgo

You’re thinking money but your heart is not currently into your plan. Behind the scenes activities continue for better and worse and this is prompting an optimistic outlook for your future. Will your dreams come true, if you can just walk through your steps? Maybe. You’re very lucky right now but the chores still have to get done.

Dear Libra

Money has been tight for so long now it might have felt like you’d never get a break. Take a deep breath and add a sigh of relief. The restrictive veil will soon be lifted. This is not carte blanche to spend freely and you’re going to have to respect the lessons you’ve learned recently but things are going to be ok. This week your heart will visit your pocketbook. Think twice before you write that cheque.

Dear Scorpio

The social bug has taken a big bite out of your reclusive inner nature. I know it’s not always easy for you, but get out and spread some of that sexy Scorpio charisma. A warm smile to a new group will charm with new business opportunities. And the sooner you begin to look at possibilities with an outcome in mind, the sooner you’ll embrace the current twists in your journey.

Dear Sagittarius

The office continues to call with partially unexpected blessings but it’s been a draining and demanding couple of weeks. As much as you’d like to answer the call with your optimistic quick wit and radiant sparkle, it’s time for a break. Take a me day at the spa and pamper yourself. You’re in a long cycle of luck at the office and a quick pause won’t be missed.

Dear Capricorn

The push and pull that continues in your joint finances has you questioning your roll in the professional spotlight. You’ve mentally paced through many scenarios recently and it looks like you glanced over your answer. Shortly, you’ll revisit your choices and at that time destiny will help to decide on a more permanent direction. Social networking pays heartfelt dividends.

Dear Aquarius

Logical outcomes often reside within the lines of uneventful journeys. So, what happens when a dash of outside of the box thinking gets sprinkled into a normal day? It’s neither volatility nor excitement that’s the goal of this particular cycle but rather a general sense of expansion, freedom, and a quest for a more rewarding outcome that keeps your feet moving. Trust in unexpected messages. You’re closer than you realize.

Dearest Pisces

With the strongest emotional intuition of the zodiac you tend to know the outcome before others even begin. This week love has you playing detective with a juicy secret waiting to be uncovered. Reserve judgment until all pieces of the puzzle reveal themselves. A little patience finds you smiling sooner than you expected.

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