Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! Beginning September 28, 2015

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Stargazer Horoscopes September 28 – October 4, 2015

from – Kamloops Echo ( – by Sonny!

Dear Aries

As much as the world sees your loving light and is encouraging you to get out and play, your outward energy is doing its best to be a diligent taskmaster urging you to finish your chores before they pile up. Too much time spent working however, whether at the office for money and public recognition, or at the gym for a perfect body isn’t going to be worth it if you leave your dearest on a forgotten path. Words are currently failing to reach their target. Reach out for the hand closest to your heart and make them part of your adventure.

Dear Taurus

You may be in a practical no-nonsense mood trying your best to get everything done before some imagined deadline but the truth is you’ve been overcompensating for a stifling and oppressive force that’s been clouding your days.  As Saturn, the planet of karma leaves your astro-sector of personal relationships, you’ll find yourself breathing a sigh of relief as love calms the dramas and increases the peace. A quick glance inward now finds you filled with a lifetime of lessons to take a chance on love with enough confidence to make your next romantic adventure playfully last into the happily forever-after. I wouldn’t expect to run off anywhere just yet but you should be smiling at the new world as it unfolds before you.

Dear Gemini

It took a while to say the least but you finally got the answer you were looking for. This all proves that sometimes with a little patience and due diligence, good things do happen to good people and you can take the higher road to your desired outcome. Go ahead and smile, start a conversation with a playful wink, or just say hello. Your heart is significantly lighter and you’re ready to take a chance on more than just love. As fate would have it, you’re going to need that new view because that special someone you have your eye on promises a lot more than a safe place to rest your heart.

Dear Cancer

Eventhough  you’re notorious for moving sideways or in a roundabout fashion to reach your goals, you’re remarkably fast at making decisions and then going for them. This week you enter a cycle where rushing through your daily excursions will cause accidents and delays. Watch for obstacles and prepare for the unexpected. You might be in line at the checkout counter and have it suddenly close or you might simply miss a bus or two. However the delays occur, prepare to add extra time to your journey.

Dear Leo

Once again, you’re lucky in money but your aggressive pursuit of creature comforts is going to hit a few bumps for the next couple of weeks. Double check your financial plans and proceed with caution.  This astro-cycle highlights networking, new business, and education. You’re still attracting favors and admiring glances. Stick to your plan but proceed with caution.

Dear Virgo

Good fortune has smiled in your direction and it’s filling you with the emotional strength to push through with your plans. Money is beginning to flow in your direction and it feels good to finally be in control of your destiny. The behind the scenes affair continues but it’s almost time to bring it into the light. Problems beginning to brew at home could be more expensive than anticipated.

Dear Libra

The social scene is calling with an adventure that’s difficult to resist. It could be fun and offer more rewards than expected. Watch your back for unexpected attacks but be true to yourself and enjoy the company of close friends. There is still a chance for public recognition for a job well done. You’ll be in the mood to team up and share your fortunes but remember not to lose yourself in the affections of a close admirer.

Dear Scorpio

Business is filling you with more rewards than you realize. Keep going but watch where you step. Not everyone is as fortunate these days and objections will rise if your smile becomes too big for the room. Have faith in your plan as you put recent financial lessons into practice.

Dear Sagittarius

Recent events have changed your outlook and you’re becoming more disciplined and focused on your goals. This is good news for your long term plans but currently you’re seen as the social convener of the group. Add a touch of the new you and rally the troops into an inspiring outing that’s both cost effective and fun for the entire crew. Have fun but remember that it’s time to get serious about business and your public image.

Dear Capricorn

You’re normally a reserved and private sign but this week you’re going to feel like opening up and sharing a smile with someone special. Let your playful attitude guide your success as a green light beckons on that financial project. Delays in an inheritance or legal issue begin to clear and you can expect a decision to fall in your favor. Love smiles in your direction and you’re ready to say hello.

Dear Aquarius

As partnership problems continue to clear you feel ready to trust and once again give into the adventure. Foreign shores and exotic destinations are calling and you’re almost ready to set sail. Double checking your finances uncovers a hidden or forgotten source of income that will help your journey. There are rewards waiting in a team effort but you’re going to have to dig to find them.

Dearest Pisces

Your efforts to help others is rocking the boat in a way you didn’t expect. Be a good friend and neighbor but remain true to your values. You’re extra busy running around but it’s all going to be worth it if you can keep checking off your goals and your health doesn’t suffer. Go for a long walk to stretch your legs and clear your mind. Physical health will return with mental clarity.

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