Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! Beginning October 5, 2015

kamloops echo horoscopes

Stargazer Horoscopes October 5 -11, 2015

from – Kamloops Echo –

by Sonny !

Dear Aries

Your public image is transforming and as hard as you might try to hold on to the past, recent energies are pushing you forward. Practical efforts and a dedicated approach to details lead to big changes at work this week. A creative effort is blessed but stay within reach of your daily plan.

Dear Taurus

Fortune favors a creative and childlike effort but stay focused when called upon for action.  Energies at a distance are undergoing big changes which could sweep you up in their storm. Be patient and hold your ground but double check what you’d really like moving forward. Success follows honest communication.

Dear Gemini

A fight seems to be brewing at home which will affect both your family and shared resources. A business partnership isn’t working out and it’s time for a change. Be brave. Your words will save the day. Love is waiting somewhere familiar.

Dear Cancer

Love has a special plan for you this week. It might begin with a traffic jam or messages being delayed but the wait will place you right into the path of a destiny you’ve been waiting for. Watch your words and don’t push. Love is waiting for you to arrive a little late.

Dear Leo

A recent financial blessing is changing your days. Not because it’s a life changing lump sum but because these rewards are accompanied by added responsibilities which demand attention and constant nurturing. A new life is given to an old dream.

Dear Virgo

Restless energy fills your mood with a fighting spirit but unless you’re actively seeking trouble, there’s really no need to rock the boat. Fortune continues to bless behind the scenes and you’re luckier in more ways than you recognize.  Take some “me” time to recharge your emotional stores and to reassess your values as you prepare to move forward.

Dear Libra

The crowd might be calling for a second and even third encore but your heart needs a break. Yes, you’re the darling of the ball but recent dramas hurt more than you’re letting on and in the name of keeping the peace, you hid your rapidly draining emotions. Go for a long jog then hit the sauna. Some mind and body healing will help you refocus your goals, and calm your soul.

Dear Scorpio

Although you’re generally set in your ways when it comes to your habits, forms of communication, and points of view, you do favor change when it leads to a better way. As the energy of this week progresses you’ll find yourself taking a new course of action to reach your goals. You’re growing up and how you communicate is about to change. Watch for accidents while driving.

Dear Sagittarius

Although you’re super lucky both publicly and at work this astro-cycle, trouble is still brewing at the office. As much as you’d like to keep low and just do your job it appears that the fight is coming to your door. Stay focused and avoid unnecessary drama. Next week a friend, or new job opportunity will come to the rescue.

Dear Capricorn

Change is in the air for many signs but normally reserved Capricorn is feeling it the most. Your personal transformation is affecting your moods and in turn your outward appearance. For some, the change will be so dramatic that those closest won’t recognize you when you’re done. Your mind comes alive with new ideas as chance favors foreign encounters.

Dear Aquarius

There’s no need to fight the tide or swim against the obvious. Luck is arriving through your partner and regardless of personal protests, it’s a journey you’d like to take. Travel calls as distant shores reach out for an encounter. Indulge but remember that your actions affect others.

Dearest Pisces

Your psychic intuition hits the mark in a joint financial project and lights abilities your partners didn’t know you had. A natural ability to avoid conflict and navigate through rough waters will lead you to a romantic windfall. Playing detective continues to unveil surprise rewards in both love and money.

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