Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! Beginning October 12, 2015

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Stargazer Horoscopes October 12 – 18, 2015

from – Kamloops Echo –

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Dear Aries

Communication comes back online with sweet words for your dearest. Eventhough there’s been uncertainty recently, expressing your affections with confidence and an open heart will lead to the answers you’ve been hoping for. Your daily dance card however, is now almost too busy to handle and you might have trouble finding time for that romantic date night that you’re both looking forward too.

Dear Taurus

The kids have become a bigger handful than expected but that’s no reason to lose your cool. Yes, the pace of your day is heating up but that’s also no reason to be a grouch. Take a deep breath and reset. One quick look around and you’ll easily find something to smile about. Love is waiting somewhere playful and creative.

Dear Gemini

Luck favors action this week, especially on the home front. If you’re planning a renovation or a move then now’s the time to dig in and get it done. A childlike attitude attracts more than a smiling face. This love surprises with brains to match the body.

Dear Cancer

It’s time to get disciplined about your daily chores, goals, and physical health. As much as you’d like to help others, it’s your personal plan that requires attention. A subtle shift in the schedule opens time for a long jog or extra sets at the gym. Keeps your eyes open for love to join you in your workout.

Dear Leo

You’ve been working hard and the rewards are beginning to arrive. Now, it might not sound like fun but if you can somehow stick to a budget then you’ll actually enjoy yourself more when you paint the town and you won’t blow your latest windfall all at once.  Have fun watching your bank account grow. Love is waiting somewhere luxurious and a little expensive.

Dear Virgo

After a stressful couple of weeks, love finally arrives to say hello. Get out for a long walk, hold hands, and enjoy the day. You’re still filled with an abundance of ego energy so watch your words but definitely say hello to passing smiles. Your mind is on your money but the check isn’t due to arrive until next month.

Dear Libra

You may be in the birthday spotlight and receiving all sorts of well-wishes but there’s a lot happening behind the scenes that’s both for and against your best interests. Whether you’re currently planning for Christmas expenses or simply looking to add a special treat to your life, you’re emotions are squarely focused on your finances. Watch your words and watch your driving. Both could get you into surprise hot water.

Dear Scorpio

In usual Scorpio fashion you overextended your affections and your boundaries were crossed. This time, instead of lashing out, try looking within and taking care of your own needs. You’ll find that you always had the strength to go it alone. After all wounds are licked and you’re properly rested, you might be surprised to know that love is waiting in a group setting.

Dear Sagittarius

Normally, public attention leads to Sagittarius fun but this week you’d like to lay low and stick to yourself. You don’t have to entirely go it alone but emotional batteries are running out of steam and they need to recharge. Grab a friend and head to the spa for a little refresher.  Love is waiting at the office but you’ll need to get away for the afternoon.

Dear Capricorn

The social butterflies come calling with an invitation for exotic fun and a little drama. You’ve been making money in buckets lately and it’s time to get out and see the world. Take a class to expand your mind or just get out for some fun. Love encourages emotional freedom.

Dear Aquarius

Surprises continue to adjust your journey so watch out while driving. It’s not all bad, just sudden and unexpected.  Communication is back online for most signs but your words are left open for interpretation. There’s a chance for an emotional windfall while out and networking so keep your eyes alert for parting clouds.

Dearest Pisces

From the outside it looks like you’ve moved onto making money with your partner but the truth is you’re still smitten and deep into the honeymoon phase. Insecurities threaten to rock the boat but it’s just butterflies voicing their fears. Love is looking squarely in your direction as your mood drifts to foreign shores.

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