Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! Beginning October 19, 2015

stargazer horoscopes

Stargazer Horoscopes – October 19 – 25, 2015

from – Kamloops Echo –

by Sonny !

Dear Aries

Competitive urges are stimulated as a plan begin to take shape but another busy week finds you working overtime to help others finish their chores as well. Thoughts continue to drift towards your dearest and all of the fun you should be having if you could just find the time for love. Physical activities lead to a romantic weekend.

Dear Taurus

Children and a playful outlook are front and centre. It’s a creative time where the seeds for both love and new business can be planted. Some of you will hear news of new additions to the family. When working on a new project don’t forget the obvious.

Dear Gemini

Fights at home continue but if you win, it’ll be big. After the dust has settled, there will be great news so don’t burn that bridge. Say your peace and move on with your plan. Missed communications in love deserves a second chance.

Dear Cancer

You’ve been thinking about home and family but your actions are on new business. There’s both luck and love waiting as you move into a new routine but bumps along the way have you questioning your choices. Have faith and keep going. Today’s rain will bring a bigger rainbow than expected.

Dear Leo

You’re super chatty this week with a personal agenda and a financial plan to force through. People are listening to your new money ideas but you’re still pushing a little too hard. Don’t back off because luck is blessing your path but adjust your choice of words.

Dear Virgo

You finally know where you’d like to be and you have the confidence to get there. If you’re in love then the next step is only a voiced question away. Money will be on it’s way in a couple of weeks so there’s no reason to worry. Dress your best and go for it.

Dear Libra

You may be front and centre but as you well know, that’s not always a good thing. Your Intuition is very strong so trust your instincts but don’t jump to conclusions. An old friend visits your dreams with a message. Have faith and keep believing in love.

Dear Scorpio

Discipline and patience are similar but not the same and you’ll need both to complete this leg of your journey. There are conflicts when you head outside and behind the scenes affairs continue but there’s a very bright light behind these clouds.  Rely on the kindness of strangers. You’re luckier than you think.

Dear Sagittarius

Recent success has filled you with the realization that you can do it but getting serious about yourself doesn’t have to mean shutting yourself away. Success at work continues to guide your actions and if you can regain your playful outlook then love will follow as well. Your heart wants to say hello. Go ahead and let it.

Dear Capricorn

Your heart is focused on money again but there’s a new philosophical outlook guiding your actions. You’d like to break free from the constraints that you have held you down and you’re being feisty about it. You’re half way through a growth period that has you exploring foreign ideas, places, and people. Look to the horizon for love.

Dear Aquarius

Even if you’re stuck in the city, travel and foreign pursuits still occupy your mind. You’re an outside of the box thinker to begin with but this astro-cycle you’re really stretching your personal philosophies and spiritual beliefs. Apply some of your new teachings to your joint finances and watch your partnerships grow. Think big. Results are as expected.

Dearest Pisces

You continue to be super lucky in love but your friends might be casting disapproving glances. They might have a point in their disapproval or they might just be nitpicking. It’s up to you to decide if it’s the real deal and stroll hand in hand into your happily forever after or just wish well for the happy memories.

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