Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! Beginning October 26, 2015

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Stargazer Horoscopes October 26 – November 1, 2015

from – Kamloops Echo –

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Dear Aries

As the moon travels through your astro-sector of personal finances keep your eyes open for hidden sources of income. You’re not necessarily in line for a major windfall but something you’ve been working on will pay off. Stay busy and you’ll have extra change in your pockets as the Holiday Season approaches.

Dear Taurus

You’re entering your personal time for love as something inside has shifted or perhaps you’ve begun to see an old friend in a new light. Either way, romance is in the stars and the moon will whisper affections you were too cautious to speak. A creative project has the potential to take off in a big way. Let love guide your intuition.

Dear Gemini

Your emotional energies are running low and it’s time for a brief pause. Take this time to reflect and to plan for the future. Clouds are beginning to part and you’ll need to be ready to take full advantage of the opportunities coming your way. Fortune will arrive in the same places that are currently causing you grief. Return to the scene of the crime and have a look for signs of love.

Dear Cancer

You’re feeling social, confident, and even a little frisky! Get out and meet some new friends. Yes, your words are still getting you into trouble, traffic jams continue, and communications have failed but you’re entering a time of love and playful encounters. Smile big and invite someone special along for the journey. You’ll be surprised at how perfectly the two of you actually fit.

Dear Leo

There’s a push/pull happening this week between your home and public life. On one hand you’d love to get out into the professional spotlight but home is demanding your attention. Your choices will depend on your goals of course, but you’re also in a very strong money cycle. Don’t sit back hoping for the best. Actively pursue your dreams and they might come true.

Dear Virgo

With an emotional boost, your rising energy levels find you burning the candle at both ends. Thoughts drift towards financial pursuits and how you’re going to make those pennies last. Get out and stay busy. Networking leads to new business.

Dear Libra

Time alone is not Libra’s strongest pursuit but your emotional batteries need a break. Head to the spa or hit the gym to work out stress that you didn’t see coming. Love arrives from the past but it continues to be unpredictable. Think through a business partnership before you act.

Dear Scorpio

As the Sun enters your sign the phone will be ringing. Answer the call. Rewards are still arriving from the office but a balance is required to keep your energies high. Even if you’re feeling down or reclusive put on a smiling face and stay in the public spotlight. Everyone is your friend right now.

Dear Sagittarius

Your thoughts drift to having a social whirl but energies are still focused on business. To top it off, you’re in study mode and taking accounts both financially and emotionally. If you’d like to get out, then mix business with pleasure. You’re in the spotlight everywhere you go.

Dear Capricorn

Expansive, energetic and frisky are your themes for the week. If you’ve been feeling cooped up or like someone is putting a damper on your light, then speak up. There’s no reason to let someone else ruin your good mood. Money is not in the cards this week but social fun is. Grab your best friend and hit the town.

Dear Aquarius

By nature you’re an aloof and observational sign but that changes with a new feeling of freedom and liberty. Problems begin creeping up at work but that shouldn’t dampen your spirits or financial prospects. Keep the feet moving and you’ll reach your rewards.

Dearest Pisces

If you’re fighting with those closest to you, then just stop. The long term damage isn’t worth the short term satisfaction. There’s a lot of love flowing towards you but aggression isn’t helping the cause. Take a deep breath and let love lead the way.

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