Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! Beginning November 9, 2015

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Stargazer Horoscopes November 9 – 15, 2015

from – Kamloops Echo –

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Dear Aries

After weeks of busywork it’s finally time for love. Your schedule is still going to be full so even though love is in the air, you’re going to have to make time for fun. A new romance is worth the adventure.

Dear Taurus

Expect new beginnings in love. A fresh start is in the air with a healthy hue of forgiveness. Be the olive branch of peace and enjoy the playful mood that follows. Love is waiting somewhere you visit every day.

Dear Gemini

With the fuss at home finally in the past it’s time for fun. A new beginning in your daily routine brings a great opportunity to try some new habits. Add a bit of fitness to the program and you’ll reach your goals sooner than you think.

Dear Cancer

Love gets personal and it has a chance to stick. You’re being seen as playful, creative, and generally fun so it’s no wonder potential playmates have been lining up. All of this frisky energy is leading you to spruce up the home. Invite the new guy over and show off your nurturing talents.

Dear Leo

You’re still lucky in the pocketbook so take a chance with confidence but the energy is about to change. Attraction moves to education, communication, and short trips during your day. If you see someone cute or if you’d like to make a move in business then say hello. There’s a new beginning at home.

Dear Virgo

You’re being seen as a busy promotion machine but the rewards just haven’t kept pace with your efforts. This week money begins to arrive showing you that everything hasn’t been in vain. Love is tempting you to indulge. Get to the gym and watch your waistline.

Dear Libra

Some days your hello is filled with such a beautifully refreshing warmth, that even the falling snow melts at your smile. You’ll have more energy to get out and be social as emotional weights are lifted and a new source of income shows itself. Lucky in love but money is on the mind.

Dear Scorpio

Something behind the scenes begins to heat up. A love from your past or someone who feels fated will cross your path. Say hello but keep things quiet for now. Luck is favoring group activities so get out and make sure you take some business cards.

Dear Sagittarius

As your time in the spotlight begins to pass and work returns to normal you’ll want to get out and meet new people. Expect rewards for work already done and to impress the group with a well planned speech. Thoughts are drifting to the past but love is waiting for a night on the town.

Dear Capricorn

After a short spell on the sidelines it’s time to get back to work. You might still be channeling efforts into travel or spiritual pursuits but you’ve entered the public spotlight and it’s time to turn things on. Dress to impress. Eyes are watching.

Dear Aquarius

An exotic love crosses your path and a long distance romance heats up. This is a week for business but you’re attracting foreign glances that expand your sense of spirituality and awaken your need for adventure.  You’re on a new mission to make your dreams come true. A job offer looks good.

Dearest Pisces

There’s a higher calling somewhere and you’d love to find it. This means you’ll be taking classes in spirituality, joining new groups of unusual people, or expanding your thoughts at university. It’s bigger picture time and you’re doing your part to bring it all together.

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