Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! Beginning November 16, 2015

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Stargazer Horoscopes – November 16 – 22, 2015

from – Kamloops Echo –

by Sonny !

Dear Aries

A plan begun is almost done. You and your partner are teaming up for a venture. It’s a great time for love and for working together in business. When your heart asks to get out for some fun. Let it.

Dear Taurus

People might view you as the perfect partner right now but you’re currently too busy to play. Habits and a heavy schedule have taken control leaving your mind filled with romantic questions.  Say hello. The answer is yes.

Dear Gemini

Problems with relationships don’t mean you can’t get out and play. Do you really need a partner when you go out? I’m guessing one well-timed smile will answer that problem quickly.

Dear Cancer

A recent smile is filling your thoughts with a life that could be. Take a chance and you’ll be pleasantly surprised as your confidence is rewarded with a dream that just might come true. Secrets are revealed.

Dear Leo

Money continues to be very strong but you have to continue working to reap all of your rewards. Spread your word. The project begun last week needs elbow grease. Take your time and build your foundation for the future.

Dear Virgo

You thought you were out of it but problems continue to creep up around the house. On the plus side, there’s lot’s of money coming in for repairs.  You continue to say the right thing at the right time so if there’s a dream within reach then ask it to come closer.

Dear Libra

A burst of energy fills you with enough confidence to try a direction you never thought you’d take. This includes a new you. Take a chance on something the old you would never do.

Dear Scorpio

It may be your birthday and you’re in the spotlight but most of the action is happening behind the scenes. Someone you already know has stopped in to say hello. But is it going to be enough to ward off lingering back stage drama?

Dear Sagittarius

Get out and have some fun. Even if it’s only for a couple of hours, you should give fate a chance. There’s a good possibility your friends are working overtime to lend a helping hand. Say the word and love will join in.

Dear Capricorn

Watch you words or an overly optimistic phrase will have you scrambling for an answer. It’s not a great week for money but the office is asking for more hours anyways. Put in the time and watch an office romance grow.

Dear Aquarius

You’ve been cooped up for too long. All of the drama from the past couple of years has added up and it’s just too much. It’s time for a long deserved break to somewhere far and exotic to recharge and reset.

Dearest Pisces

Love is on fast forward but it’s a reclusive, low energy kind of week with thoughts and feelings drifting to the past and secret affairs.  Make your intentions known but let your partner take the lead. It’s time to deepen the relationship.

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