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Stargazer Horoscopes November 23 – 29, 2015

from – Kamloops Echo –

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Stargazer Horoscopes November 23 – 29, 2015


Dear Aries


The Christmas spirit arrives and you’re ready to join in with the fun. Love and partnerships are highlighted so grab your dearest and get out. A larger picture of life has comes into focus and you realize you deserve more.


Dear Taurus


You’re busy and the pace isn’t going to let up. Children continue bring rewards so keep encouraging creativity, and compassion. Love has taken a temporary back seat to responsibilities but it’s still there for those who are looking. Get to the gym and say hello to that smiling face.


Dear Gemini


Something you would have preferred to remain hidden comes to light as the change you’ve been going through becomes public. You’re lucky in love and extra creative. Shake off recent setbacks and get back into the game. The social scene leads to unusual invitations but you never know where that will lead afterwards.


Dear Cancer


You’re in a cycle where home, family, habits and your physical health will be the focus. It doesn’t sound like fun but there’s someone on your radar who actually likes these things. Put it together and invite them over to spend some time in your natural element.


Dear Leo


Your playful and loving barometer is beginning to peak but restrictions are putting a damper on the fun. This includes children and your general frisky nature. It’s not that you won’t be allowed to play but you’ll have to close the blinds and keep the noise down for a while.


Dear Virgo


Expansive thoughts and the horizon are guiding your mood. With conflicts now resolved, you’re left looking to the future for a new project. Search far away and exotic shores for inspiration and think big. Love is waiting at the bank.


Dear Libra


You’ve entered a new cycle where you come first so smile big and simply shine. A new face has entered your heart and they seem to have everything you’ve been looking for. Don’t let them get away but don’t lose yourself in the chase either.


Dear Scorpio


Love has burned you so hard that you’re going to indulge in a reclusive funk for the rest of the year. Love remains elusive but money is strong. You might as well burry yourself in some work and click off those career goals.


Dear Sagittarius


You’re entering the spotlight this week and it fills you with cheer and reason to rejoice. If you kept to your path then you’ll begin seeing the results. You might even be up for an award or public recognition in some way. Be graceful and think of others with your acceptance speech.


Dear Capricorn


A quiet and reclusive mood finds you thinking of the past and finishing up old projects. Work continues to pleasantly expand and grow faster than you thought. At the same time, friends and social groups come calling. It’s a lot and you’re not exactly in the mood to play. Smile at adversity.


Dear Aquarius


Friends are calling and the distractions are fun but your eyes are still on getting away. Personal freedom is number one on your mind and you won’t settle for any forms of restrictions. Career takes a back seat to emotional growth.


Dearest Pisces


Discipline and long hours have won you favors at the office. Keep going. An inheritance or money from a legal source is on the way. Luck is expanding your relationships and bringing unexpected rewards. Buy a lottery ticket with your partner.


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