Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! Beginning December 7, 2015

stargazer horoscopes kamloops echo december 2015

Stargazer Horoscopes December 7 – 13, 2015

from – Kamloops Echo –

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Stargazer Horoscopes December 7 – 13, 2015

Dear Aries

Are you still causing problems in love or are you just looking out for yourself. Both answers stem from the same problem so clean it up and clear it out. No one wants relationship drama over the holidays.

Dear Taurus

You might be tired from running around just to meet your daily goals but love is looking directly at you. If you’re looking long term in love then take a chance and say hello. A cheque arrives lighter than expected.

Dear Gemini

Someone close to you might be sick or you might be feeling under the weather.  Either way, watch your health. You’re in the process of restructuring your relationships and not everyone will make the cut. Be careful that you don’t shuck something magical in the purge just because circumstances wouldn’t allow a fit last time.

Dear Cancer

You’re feeling extra frisky, flirty and playful. Yes, there are problems at home and health might not be the greatest but if you get past simple worries you’ll see there’s a smile on your face shining for the world. Let the world smile back.

Dear Leo

Home and play are your themes for this week. Money arrives to help with a home renovation and the results will put a proud smile on your face. Go ahead and strut your stuff. You earned this time to play.

Dear Virgo

Communications of all kinds fill the week with festive conversations and holiday cheer. You’re working extra hard at making money but it’s your home that’s the major focus right now. Invite the gang over for an evening at your place.

Dear Libra

Love explodes for Libra. Yes, you’re in a money cycle and deciding what’s most important for your own security and happiness but your aggressive nature is going to cause a major splash in the realm of love. It can go either way so stay focused and don’t lose yourself in the battle.

Dear Scorpio

Your money is taking hits everywhere you look but you’re resourceful and you know how to make more. Keep your eyes on the bigger picture and don’t get distracted by those who won’t be around in a couple of weeks. Love has entered Scorpio and it’s your time to play.

Dear Sagittarius

You’re a social and festive whirl as the Holiday season begins. Past lessons have set in and you’re finally ready for your next step. Love arrives from the past as an old friend drops in to say hello.

Dear Capricorn

You’ll look like a Scrooge if you keep forcing everyone to work late. Projects can wait as love has moved onto group activities, networking, and social fun. Yes, you can take your business cards with you. You might even be surprised when that cute elf from down the hall asks for one.

Dear Aquarius

You’re still trying to escape for the holidays or at least connect with someone from a distance but love has you spending time at the office. If you could somehow step away from the computer you’d see an office romance unfold in front of you. Friends will let you down.

Dearest Pisces

Work is stressful and the trouble is going to stay. Restructure your approach and smile throughout the process. It’s just a little bump on your journey so find a way through but take notes. There’s a lesson that will guide your next journey.

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