Music Therapy for Autism: Setting Rhythms, Creating Spontaneity

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Happy-child-with-bouquet-of-flowers-750x350Autism is a condition where a person has impaired social skills and communication, as well as having a tendency for extremely compulsive and repetitive behavior. This compulsive behavior makes it difficult for you to be able to deal with the person, since any deviation from the routine will cause an adverse reaction.

Music therapy may help an autistic person get over his condition and alleviate some of the symptoms associated with it. They do this by using music’s quality of having a rhythm and at the same time variety, allowing the autistic to adjust gradually

Setting Rhythms

Rhythm is one of the main elements of music. This is one element which creates a certain periodicity and routine to it. This differentiates ordered music from disordered noise. This is definitely something which autistics can pick up and appreciate. It is nearly instinctive for them to be comfortable in set rhythms and…

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