Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! Beginning January 4 – 10, 2016

stargazer horoscopes kamloops echo december 2015

Stargazer Horoscopes January 4 -10, 2016

from – Kamloops Echo –

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Dear Aries

Joint finances, shared possessions, and personal intimacy come under the spotlight. As much as you like to take the lead, you’re beginning a cycle where team efforts will be rewarded. Expect to uncover a secret that comes a little too close for comfort.

Dear Taurus

An optimistic philosophy or expansive attitude colors your approach with a fresh vision and paves the way for a new success. Love takes an intimate step towards a relationship you’ve been waiting for. Expect to go an extra mile for someone close.

Dear Gemini

Love brings romance right to your door but it’s up to you to make it work. Energy is aggressively flowing into your daily routine including physical health, habits, and paperwork. You’re going to be busy so budget time for your romantic adventure.

Dear Cancer

An important project takes centre stage and you’re going to do your best to make it succeed. Rewards are not going to happen overnight but keep working because they will arrive later in the year. Love is waiting at the office.

Dear Leo

You’ve entered in an extended “grounding” cycle where you’ll prepare your home, family, and living environment to reflect how you’d really like to be seen by the world. Expect home renovations, a move, and squabbles with family. Restrictions in love are temporally set aside, finally allowing your efforts to be rewarded.

Dear Virgo

The New Year ushers in a time to work the phones and generate the support you need for a personal project. Be aggressive and don’t take “no” for an answer. This is an extended cycle so expect setbacks but definitely keep going. Love restructures your home.

Dear Libra

You haven’t been communicating effectively and as a result love has suffered. Although restrictions in communication will continue for the next while, you’re in a cycle where love is waiting on your every word. If you feel like your message wasn’t received recently, try again.

Dear Scorpio

Mars enters Scorpio giving you a major boost in physical and emotional energy. You’re going to be aggressively pursuing your own goals for the first half of the year so you’ll have the strength and personal commitment to push through setbacks. Love is waiting at the bank.

Dear Sagittarius

Even though you’re shining and stepping into the attraction spotlight, someone is not happy with all of the attention you’re getting. Keep your eyes open for hidden setbacks and external sabotage. The cheque you’ve been waiting for finally arrives.

Dear Capricorn

It’s time to rethink your financial strategy. You’d love to get out and join the gang for some fun but this energy is sticking around so there’s no rush to accept every invitation. Something that didn’t work in the past gets another chance.

Dear Aquarius

You’re entering a cycle where the office and your public persona will require most of your energy. You’re being seen as an aggressive “go-getter” and the bosses like what they see. More than one opportunity to advance your career will present itself. Don’t get sidetracked when the social invitations come rolling in.

Dearest Pisces

A new way of thinking has expanded your personal philosophies and the bosses love it! A promotion at work is on the horizon so keep busy and get those projects finished on time. Don’t over think a second chance as it’s offered with grace.

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