Color and Music – The essential pieces of an emotionally brighter day

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north vancouver music lessonsColor and Music โ€“ Emerging Healing Properties

The use of conventional drugs and medicinal practice has made our body weaker and more prone to diseases. The continuous use of these drugs has serious side effects causing us to fall ill more often and heal back slower each time. The need to have less harmful and more beneficial remedies has led to the development of a branch of medicine called Alternative Medicine. Alternative Medicine gives us a healthier substitute to scientifically engineered drugs.

Alternative Medicine is not just about the medicine administered to a patient but about the complete physical and psychological healing of an individual. There are a wide range of choices you can make when you are being treated through alternative medicine procedures. They range from Manipulative therapies and Energy therapies to Biological based therapies.

Many of these therapies exist for centuries together, but there are a few ofโ€ฆ

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