The 5 Best Covert Hypnosis Language Patterns

Love Hypnotist Sonny Rosati & The Comedy Side of Hypnosis

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Whether you are a salesperson who wants to increase your sales or someone who just wants to achieve more success in your life, then these language patterns will help you achieve your goals.

Now for the disclaimer. When using any influencing techniques or tactics you MUST always be looking out for the win:win scenario. That means you win but not at the expense of your subject. They must always win too. The problem is that if you use the methods for foul use you will never again be able to influence that person and you will leave them feeling used. Any ethical persuader would not want that to happen.

I have not tried to attribute any references to anywhere, preferring to just list the patterns and letting you decide when to use them when you want to.

These language patterns are based on extensive work around Milton Erickson who has…

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Musician, Hypnotist, & Professional Cool Guy He is affectionately known as The Love Hypnotist for his work Mending Broken Hearts & helping people Find True Love.

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