Is There Humour in Your Hypnotherapy Training?

Hypnosis Vancouver

hypnotherapy vancouverOne of the cornerstones of any good hypnotherapy training course is teaching the budding hypnotherapists that it is OK to have fun, when they are in hypnotherapy training and when they start practicing full-time as a hypnotherapist… Yes indeed, even in hypnotherapy sessions with clients.

Soap Operas seem to promote “serious issues”, our media is heavily punctuated with seriousness… Being serious seems to be proliferating our existence… Then grows into fear… and what with all this recession scaremongering…. Sheeez!!

In my opinion, within any hypnotherapy diploma course, it is important to laugh a great deal. Don’t we all prefer our learning experiences to be fun? Why don’t we insist upon it? Why is it so important?

Firstly, it creates a great learning environment, we learn more when we are happy and laughing… And lots of what we learn when we laugh bypasses the conscious faculty.

Hypnotherapists might want to consider…

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