Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! February 29 – March 6, 2016

love horoscopes 2016

from – Kamloops Echo –

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Stargazer Horoscopes February 29 – March 6, 2016 – Kamloops Echo

Dear Aries

Although your heart is longing for adventure and your friends keep calling, you’re actually in a reflective and introspective cycle. A spotlight is shining on your past as a means to look forward. Break reoccurring cycles and try something new.

Dear Taurus

Battles in your personal relationships have been taking up much of your emotional energy. Call a truce and channel your efforts into your career. An office romance is waiting to bloom.

Dear Gemini

Love is calling from a distance but you’re too busy to take action. This is causing more frustration than expected and there’s no relief in sight. Currently, it’s all work and no play.

Dear Cancer

The spotlight is on your personal freedoms and long term goals. Although you don’t want to be tied down right now, love is attracting in the form of joint projects. Team up and love will follow.

Dear Leo

Problems at home are about to clear up, but not yet. Instead of worrying about the cost of that renovation or relocation, focus on your partner. Love for Leo is currently favoring teamwork.

Dear Virgo

Think big. You’re still super lucky and this week, love is on your side as well. Home might be causing fits but it’s still where the heart is. Spring cleaning begins early this year.

Dear Libra

A little flirting goes a long way to lifting your mood and opening a new chapter in your life. Like Aries, your past will shine a light on the direction you’re supposed to take moving forward. Try something new and the path will become clear.

Dear Scorpio

If money is on the mind then clean the books and put yourself at ease. Spring fever is in the air and it’s up to you to turn that wink into a romantic adventure. Friends are on your side so if you need help, ask.

Dear Sagittarius

If you’re in sales or launching a new project then this is a great time to spread the word and close some deals. Don’t leave anything to chance. Everyone is currently charmed by your words. So tell your clients to sign and they will.

Dear Capricorn

It’s a work week and money is coming in almost too fast to count but sometimes you just have to take a break. Try and get away for a couple of hours or take an extended power nap. You’re a tough sign but even Capricorn’s batteries need to recharge sometimes.

Dear Aquarius

When was the last time you thought of just yourself? A new you is beginning to emerge and it’s now up to you to shape yourself into the image that you want to portray to the world. A new haircut, wardrobe, or even home, are all reflections of the life you’re stepping into.

Dearest Pisces

Distant shores are calling for a quick getaway but it looks like you’re stuck in the city. The past continues to bring you luck and bridges you thought were forever burnt surprisingly come back to life. Take a chance on love.


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