Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! March 7 – 13, 2016



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Stargazer Horoscopes – March 7 – 13, 2016 – Kamloops Echo

Dear Aries

There is a lot of light shining on your past decisions as you take stalk of what you’ve just been through and where you’d now like to go. You’re an aggressive sign but that’s not going to help speed up the process. You need time to heal before jumping into anything new.

Dear Taurus

Joint finances will require your attention. Check the fine print and talk to your partner before you sign. Love is at the office but you’d really like to get out with the gang and have some fun. Close friends lend a helpful ear.

Dear Gemini 

You are sparkling in the workplace this week. Work extra hard and rewards will arrive shortly. Love is filled with uncertainty but you have a fresh energy which is encouraging you to get back into the dating scene. Follow up a playful wink with a confident hello.

Dear Cancer

Thinking big picture in love could set you on an exotic adventure. Expand your mind or at least try something new. Someone from a different culture grabs your attention. 

Dear Leo

Love is still calling for an adventure but make it short. It’s all ahead in business. Both team ventures and solo efforts bring rewards. 

Dear Virgo

Problems at home have you ready to lay down some changes. A couple of months ago you started down a new path which hasn’t yet delivered as promised. Follow you heart to a brighter day.

Dear Libra

As always, stick up for yourself but you’ve entered a cycle where words can get you into trouble. Use your new skills when pressed with old problems. An aggressive stance wins hearts.

Dear Scorpio

That boost of energy which had you going to the gym is now moving to your personal finances. Dig deep and keep those Scorpio eyes open for new ways to make money. Let the regained confidence flow into all ares of life.

Dear Sagittarius

A burst of energy finds you just in time tackle home chores. Fights with jealous types are now in the past and it’s time to move forward with confidence and new goals. Work continues to be extremely lucky.

Dear Capricorn

One more lucky week attracting money then it time to get back on the sales and promotion wagon. Keep your eyes open for jealous friends who lack your work ethic but admire your rewards. Disagreements at home can spin out of control quicker than you realize. 

Dear Aquarius

It’s one more week in the love spotlight then you’ll be attracting money again. In the meantime a light is presenting you with different opportunities to increase your income. Think long term.

Dearest Pisces

Be careful while traveling. Even the shortest trips can be filled with delays and sudden accidents. A lot of energy is flowing through Pisces and it can have you both a little on edge and filled with quiet optimism. Love arrives in a week.

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