Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! March 14 – 20, 2016


from – Kamloops Echo –

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Stargazer March 14 – 20, 2016 Kamloops Echo

Dear Aries

A reflective mood has you revisiting the past and recharging your emotional batteries but your outward and expressive energy has you on edge and wants to get out and play. Try and get out of the city and ditch the cold for a couple of days. A secret affair is calling.

Dear Taurus

You’ve entered a cycle where friends, networking, and your expanded social group take on a greater importance and bring you luck. Ask your friends for help and you’ll receive the benefits of good karma. Love is waiting at a group event.

Dear Gemini

You can see the signs of progress but love is still giving you fits.  If your outward expressions are being met with a silent smile then channel some of that flirty energy back into your work. An office romance is waiting.

Dear Cancer

You’re currently so busy that it’s difficult to imagine you taking a vacation but that’s exactly what’s in store. Exotic and unusual faces bring a fresh perspective and a new outlet for fun. Think big picture as a face from the past comes calling.

Dear Leo

If someone close has started becoming a downer then shake it off. You’ve just awakened to your own financial potential and it’s time to go and get what’s yours. Love will return but for now, get cracking on the paperwork.

Dear Virgo

It’s all systems forward in love. Keep an eye on the details but try and keep the romance alive. If problems at home start getting the best of you call a close friend for advice.

Dear Libra

Plans made now to improve your habits, health, and daily routine have a strong chance of success. Take a second look at your New Year’s resolution and get back on track. It’s not too late. Things are just beginning.

Dear Scorpio

It’s finally time for Scorpio love! Get out there and take a chance. You are in a very lucky cycle where personal expressions and a childlike enthusiasm will win hearts and favors. Buy a lottery ticket.

Dear Sagittarius

Your emotional and physical strengths return with enough zeal to burst any bubble of gloom. Home and plans for the future take centre stage. Mend fences with family.

Dear Capricorn

Your heart will belong to your partner this week. Do something special for the relationship. Presents are nice but together time is even better.

Dear Aquarius

All efforts should be channeled into your finances. Both team and individual ventures have the green light. Keep your eyes open for friends who may not have your back.

Dearest Pisces

It’s still ”me” time. You’re shining both individually and with your partner but you’re the real star of the show. A new dress and a suddenly playful smile brings hope for an early spring.

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