Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up June 13 – 19, 2016


from – Kamloops Echo –

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Stargazer Horoscopes – June 13 – 19, 2016 Kamloops Echo


Dear Aries

Personal relationships have your attention as efforts are poured into a joint financial project. You’ll want to go more than half way for the team but unexpected events will leave you asking questions. Love encourages honest communication.

Dear Taurus

Although you’re uncharacteristically impulsive in love and taking chances where you’d normally take your time, efforts are noticed with a welcoming smile. Invite your latest affection out for a long walk and skip desert. Health becomes a priority.

Dear Gemini

The daily pace heats up with chores you thought were finished. This is a second chance to get things right and set your intention for success, so don’t fret. Aggressive impulses in love, bridge hearts that were drifting apart.

Dear Cancer

Unexpected public encounters could spark a new direction in your career. Watch your temper however when the conversation begins to stray from your current goals. Love favors a confident stand.

Dear Leo

Love is currently arriving through your friends, the internet, and your professional network. If you’re looking for either love or money then ask your friends for ideas. If they don’t know you’re looking then they can’t help.

Dear Virgo

It’s full steam ahead in all public activities. The best chance for success in the next two weeks is to stay visible, open, and receptive. Not all ideas or offers will be worth a second look but somewhere in the pile is a beautiful new offer.

Dear Libra

Arguments over money could change your relationship status in the blink of a heartbeat. Exotic adventures call with a weekend escape but chores come first. Double check that the stove is turned off before you escape the grind.

Dear Scorpio

A shift in energy and a surprise hello have you realizing what has been real in love and what has just been an illusion. Continue to distance yourself from hidden agendas and follow the yeses. Astro-energy is on your side for fresh starts.

Dear Sagittarius

It might seem like you’re reaching out in love but sometimes even more is required. How much is enough to win the heart that you’re currently after? Keep going until they are safely in your arms.

Dear Capricorn

Too much planning or time at the office is simply not a fun way to spend the week. Get to the gym or get outside and shake things up a bit. Love is coming shortly and you’re going to want to look your best.

Dear Aquarius

Mixing business with pleasure will result in an interesting outcome. Logic might tell you to take a chance but your heart has other ideas. Personal finances remain sketchy but joint finances are strong. Team up and make your wallet happy.

Dearest Pisces

Although good things are progressing on the home front, something at a distance has your attention. Additionally, higher learning and professional skills go through an upgrade. Hit the books and get ready. You’ll need your new skills professionally sooner than you think.

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