Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up June 27 – July 3, 2016


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Stargazer Horoscopes – June 27 – July 3, 2016 – Kamloops Echo

Dear Aries

Thoughts shift to making peace with your home and family. There’s money to be made if you can get everyone to agree. Strengthening your home base brings some long needed peace of mind.

Dear Taurus

Relationships may feel like they are going backwards but it’s really just a chance to clear the air and set things straight. If words begin to heat up then take a break for yourself. Love is waiting at the salon or day spa.

Dear Gemini

You’re super busy with chores and simply looking after your own heath. Keep working your financial plan even though progress seems slow. Money is looking for you.

Dear Cancer

If love seems to be going backwards and you’re looking for a change then call up some friends and get out for some fun. Fortune is looking in your direction so make your intentions clear and reach high. Buy a lottery ticket.

Dear Leo

Behind the scenes forces are helping in ways you can’t see. Keep pushing your career and make sure you’re high viz. Home renovations continue to struggle.

Dear Virgo

You might be in line for an award or public recognition. It’s been a busy year and you’ve worked hard. Smile big and graciously accept your rewards.

Dear Libra

Money is once again causing fits as something you thought was settled has returned for another visit. On the other hand your career is shining. Rewards are not immediate but they are coming. Reliability will bring success.

Dear Scorpio

You’re reinventing yourself once again. This time you should focus on the good and don’t let yourself be distracted with thoughts of why you seem to be retracing steps. The new you has a higher destiny waiting just around the corner.

Dear Sagittarius

Although the past has returned to pick a fight your focus should be on peace and who you can trust. Money is strongly favored in joint partnerships so team up and embrace the rewards of finally taking a chance on love.

Dear Capricorn

If friends once again appear to be acting out of character then take a break from the social whirl and make time for your closest relationship. Love is favoring together time. Forget the gang and take your dearest out for a romantic desert.

Dear Aquarius

Your health and habits require a second look. It’s not too late to revisit resolutions and make a change to a healthy lifestyle. Watch for conflicts at the office.

Dearest Pisces

It’s a fun and playful week where creative projects and time with children will be rewarded. Trouble continues to cause sparks at a distance as philosophies collide. Discipline in business builds respects from clients.

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