Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up July 25 – 31, 2016


from – Kamloops Echo –

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Stargazer Horoscopes – July 25 – 31, 2016 – Kamloops Echo

Dear Aries
Bank balances call for a second look before rushing out for summer fun. Everything should be OK but double check that the bills have been paid anyways. Love is favoring playful and creative gestures.

Dear Taurus
A healthy dose of ego energy has you taking chances in love. With relationship dramas finally under control it’s time to rethink your living arrangements. Love asks if you’re ready for a new roommate.

Dear Gemini
You’re ready to reappear on the scene with your quick wit and social charm but emotional energy just can’t keep up. Plan for unexpected adventures but leave room to recharge. Love has you talking again.

Dear Cancer
You’d love to get out with your friends and enjoy the summer fun but making money is front and centre. Extra hours will be required at the office. Keep focused to avoid spinning your wheels.

Dear Leo
With both ego energies and your bank balance on the rise, it’s time to focus on love and playful adventures. Love has been a struggle recently but it’s time to shake off all of the worries and jump back into the game.

Dear Virgo
A secret love rendezvous has your attention but the logistics might be difficult to bridge. The happiness is not necessarily an illusion but there are questions you still have to ask.

Dear Libra
It’s been difficult getting your point across lately as mixed messages crossed with technical difficulties, but keep pressing. A group outing is calling and you’ll need your communication skills on point when a new face smiles hello.

Dear Scorpio
Dress your best and put on a welcoming smile as you step into the career spotlight. You’re not only high viz professionally but you’re attracting people who want to give your career a little boost. Give your destiny a chance to find you.

Dear Sagittarius
Love says hello from distant shores but you might be too low on both emotional and physical energy to smile back. Take a rain check and look after yourself. You deserve a break.

Dear Capricorn
Problems from the beginning of the year return with the same old obstacles. This time you’re prepared with new answers and a fresh approach. Clean up unnecessary dramas so the team has a stronger chance for success.

Dear Aquarius
With a red hot summertime affair in full swing it’s a wonder how you find time for anything else but love. Work however has been a major thorn for 2016 with unnecessary stress and false promises. Friends encourage you to find balance.

Dearest Pisces
You’re entering a cycle where you’ll be aggressively high profile in your working sphere. Yes, some people will be bumped the wrong way but it’s all part of the growth process as you prepare to spread your wings.

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