Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! August 15 – 21, 2016


from – Kamloops Echo –

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Stargazer Horoscopes August 15 – 21, 2016 Kamloops Echo
Dear Aries
Summer fun continues with a playfully outgoing week of social outings and reunions with old friends. Chores will come calling but don’t let them get you down. It’s time to beginning planning for the fall.
Dear Taurus
You’re shining, playful, creative, and the home is settled and happy. Work however, will uncover a secret you might not be prepared to hear. Joint projects require restructuring.
Dear Gemini
New business opportunities have combined with summer fun to create a sparkle in your day. Yes, you continue to be busy but the energy is smiling on your efforts. Love says hello from a distance.
Dear Cancer
Double check the bank balance as recent attempts to fill your purse has led to unexpected expenses. A powerful change is happening in your relationships. Don’t fight what you feel is right.
Dear Leo
Money continues to be the main focus of attraction and you should be pressing the income button hard. This week however, secrets will be revealed in your closest relationships. Don’t let the surprise derail your well deserved progress.
Dear Virgo
Revisiting past success leads to a big boost in your ego and self worth. Smile big when you step out because attraction energy is pointing directly at Virgo. A struggle at home begins to take a toll on your physical health.
Dear Libra
Relationships offer a surprise that you didn’t expect. Roll with the unexpected and see where the energy leads. A lot is happening behind the scenes for your benefit so trust your team to come through.
Dear Scorpio
This is the most social time of a busy social year. Keep going out or making calls. Both your business and personal lives need social interactions to strive. Love says hello through a group outing.
Dear Sagittarius
Your energy has returned with a big smile and new reasons for optimism. Career is about to take off but watch your words in mixed company just to be safe. Watch for accidents while driving.
Dear Capricorn
Money will surprise this week so prepare yourself for a bump in your plans. Most of the energy is arriving from a distance so travel and connections with foreign sources are encouraged. Behind the scenes problems begin to clear once and for all.
Dear Aquarius
Have you been honest with yourself and those around you? The energy of the week is suggesting that something you’ve been hiding will become very public. Get those ducks in a row before they waddle away.
Dearest Pisces
It’s been all work and planning and daily chores lately but that doesn’t mean that love has forgotten you. Relationships take a major upswing as business and social networks collide. Your social network is stronger than you realize.

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