Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up!! August 22 – 28, 2016


from – Kamloops Echo –

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Stargazer Horoscopes August 22 – 28, 2016 Kamloops Echo

Dear Aries
Get to the gym and work off some of that stress. Problems from a distance offer one last fight but you’re more than ready to win this final battle. Preparation begins a long awaited journey.

Dear Taurus
This should be the most fun, playful and exciting time of the year for you. Get out and play! Love is attracting with a childlike attitude and a zest for the creative. If you smile then the world will smile back.

Dear Gemini
Old friends are returning and it’s great to sense that recent struggles are being left in the past. Change however is a staple of life and if they haven’t moved on or they’re stuck in the same dramas then you should stick to your plans and keep moving on.

Dear Cancer
You’re our most quiet sign by nature but astro-energies are encouraging you to speak up and be heard. Your dreams and goals are important too so don’t lose yourself helping others. Freeing yourself from a drama that has become a daily event gets messy.

Dear Leo
A red hot financial year takes an even bigger step forward. Rather than counting your eggs, you should press your luck with more chickens. One last fight with children or delay in a creative project and you’ll finally be free from the messy drama.

Dear Virgo
You’re focused on your career this week but both love and luck have different ideas. Personal attraction is at a yearly high and you should take advantage of the blessings while they are here. No, you’re not staring in the public eye but love is definitely looking in your direction.

Dear Libra
With so many planets in your astro-sector of secrets and mysteries it’s easy to see that behind the scenes liaison reaching critical heights. The only downside is, if you’re really supposed to be together then why all the secrecy? Be brave and step into the love spotlight.

Dear Scorpio
The gang is calling with invitations you’d love to jump at but troubles with money might hold you back from enjoying the fun. Although you’ll be cleaning up financial messes, you should really get out and network. Love continues to arrive through your friends.

Dear Sagittarius
With so much luck arriving on the work front it’s easy to forget the little people who helped you ascend through the ranks. Take a break from the bustle and spend some time with someone you’ve always wanted to know better. Love smiles when you least expect it.

Dear Capricorn
Get ready to purge that last demon from your past that’s been hanging on like a thorn in your side. Astro-energies indicate that you’ve had enough, learned your lessons and you’re ready to move on. Be graceful in your exit and look to distant shores for support.

Dear Aquarius
The final battle with your friends and social group ends this week. As a stubborn sign it’s easy to brush off lessons as “their fault” or “other people’s drama”, but you let it in the door. If you’ve learned you lessons then karma will finally set you free.

Dearest Pisces
I know you’ve been working hard at your career but progress has been slow. One more fight then you’ll be free. Love on the other hand is so hot right now that everyone wants to be your friend. You’re going to get busy at the office soon so spend your time wisely.

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