Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up!! September 12 – 18, 2016


from – Kamloops Echo –

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Stargazer Horoscopes September 12 – 19, 2016 Kamloops Echo
Dear Aries
Relationships take centre stage as admirers line up to join team Aries. Choose wisely as recent events have left you gun shy in the land of love. Social invitations lead to surprise awakenings.

Dear Taurus
You’re playful and creative but the chores still have to get done. The office keeps calling but you’re finally in the mood to buckle down and finish projects. Love is waiting at the gym.

Dear Gemini
The foreign and exotic have your attention but the home is messy and the dishes sill have to be done. There’s currently too much on your plate to finish it all in one swoop so make a plan and stick to it.

Dear Cancer
Maybe things didn’t go as well as you had planned with a business opportunity.  Now’s your chance to build a bridge and see if it can be saved. Love continues to wait at home.

Dear Leo
Single or attached, you’re going to want to do something nice for your partner. If they’ve stood beside you through the down times then they definitely earned some of the rewards from the good. Treat your biggest fan to a night on the town.

Dear Virgo
It’s been a popular year for Virgo. Teats, accolades, open doors, and supportive encouragement have been filling your ego for most of 2016. It’s now time to step out and get what’s yours. Money is waiting.

Dear Libra
As the past begins to clear itself, room is created for new adventures. Love calls with an invitation you’ve been waiting for. A new project could be a game changer.

Dear Scorpio
Someone from your past has their heart set on team Scorpio. Think twice before jumping in. Confusion continues to reign in the land of love.

Dear Sagittarius
Return those business calls! Hidden in the details is a gem of a client just waiting to champion your cause. Hidden skills, set you apart from the crowd.

Dear Capricorn
Bad dreams don’t usually affect a sign as focused as Capricorn but this week your subconscious tries to remind you of a personal lesson. Listen to your inner voice before you step onto the stage.

Dear Aquarius
You may think that the world is out to get you but that’s just not true. Circumstances led to mistakes which were followed by more mistakes. It’s time to take a deep breath and reset yourself properly.

Dearest Pisces
A reclusive mood has you hiding away for most of the week but the office continues to call. As exciting as it may appear, you don’t have to jump every time the phone rings. Set your own pace and keep it within your boundaries.

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